This young gentleman was born with lop ears, which had a wide angle in relation to his skull. An otoplasty procedure was performed using the Mustarde technique (suturing technique to reshape the deformed cartilage and as such decrease the angle from his skull). The only scar from this procedure is hidden in the crease between his ear and skull, thus making it nicely camouflaged and indiscernible.
This beautiful lady had grown up with her left sided lop ear, forcing her to restrict her hairstyle in an effort to hide it in public. Following a successful otoplasty using a combination of suture technique and bowl reduction, it is now difficult to tell the difference between the two sides.
This young lady was born with lop ears which were asymmetric, being more prominent on the left side. An otoplasty procedure using a combination of Furnas (pulling the prominent bowl in) and Mustarde (suturing techniques to reshape the deformed cartilage) was performed to differentially decrease the angle of her ears from the skull, resulting in natural and highly symmetrical postoperative appearance for both ears.
This middle-aged gentleman was bothered by the progressive drooping of his earlobes. He underwent an earlobe reduction procedure with a complex tissue rearrangement technique to minimize the visibility of the scar on his earlobe.

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