This beautiful young lady was interested in a procedure that would improve the crookedness and hump of her nose, as well as address the droopy aspect of her tip. She underwent a restructuring septorhinoplasty with application of multiple cartilage grafts, all of which were harvested from her own nose during the case. Her internal and external nasal valves were revised, and tip suturing techniques with measured nasal tip rotation provided her with an end result that is harmonious with the rest of her face and allows her natural beauty to truly shine.

This young lady already had a beautiful nose. However, she had major breathing issues and was interested in a subtle improvement in her appearance. She underwent a septorhinoplasty procedure with improvement of the bony and cartilaginous vaults of her nose. This was done in conjunction with a septoplasty and tip refinement with overall application of multiple structural and cosmetic cartilage grafts. The end result is a natural-looking appearance with a solid improvement in nasal form and function.

This beautiful lady was born with an unusually small nose. Making a nose significantly larger while simultaneously improving its aesthetic appearance is known to be a challenge in rhinoplasty. In this case, multiple grafts using her right ear as a donor site were used to sculpt a strikingly different yet natural-looking nose.

This lady has had multiple nasal surgeries in the past, which resulted in both cosmetic and functional problems for her. She underwent revision rhinoplasty with application of temporalis fascia and multiple cartilage grafts. Her progress has been followed by our practice for more than four years, with steady results that truly impacted her quality of life, in her own words.

This woman was bothered by her nasal tip’s appearance and the hump on her nose bridge. She underwent open approach septorhinoplasty, in which we applied cartilage grafts from her own nasal septum. She eventually needed a touch-up procedure for minor irregularities on her nose bridge, but she has achieved great results within three years of follow-up consultation, including a very pleasing nasal contour that is consistent with modern aesthetic ideals.

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“I seriously would like to thank Dr Sedgh. Such an honest caring person. My surgery time was not the perfect moment to do it I had a family loss four days before my sugery and he made everything so easy and comforting. My nose look natural and perfect I could breath so much better and I couldn’t be any more happy with the work he did. Once again thank you.”

C. Chavez


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