This young gentleman had a majorly displaced fracture to his nose following sports trauma. He underwent closed reduction of his nasal fracture with near-perfect alignment of his nasal structures back to the baseline.

This young woman had a traumatic fall during a mountain climbing incident which resulted in a nasal fracture and multiple lacerations around her eyelids. She underwent a closed reduction of her nasal fracture and conservative (non-surgical) treatment of her scars. In less than a year following the accident she looks amazing.

This young man broke his nose while he was wrestling in high school. The results are three weeks after he underwent a closed reduction procedure in the clinic, which was done under local anesthesia.

This lady had a nasal fracture that displaced her nasal bones to the right side of her face after an accident. The results were taken two weeks after a closed reduction procedure, where we realigned her nasal bone without making any incisions.

This young man with a previous history of nasal trauma was looking to improve his nasal airway, as well as to address his nose’s crookedness and obtain better tip definition at the same time. We performed open approach surgery on him using his own nasal cartilages. The result was taken one year post-op.

This young man had a history of nasal trauma from his boxing days, which resulted in a saddled nose. He underwent rhinoplasty with cadaveric rib cartilage to improve his nose’s form and function and maintain his ethnicity at the same time. Six months of follow-up consultations have shown robust results.

Patient Reviews

“I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that Dr. Sedgh was a godsend to me for his willingness to do surgery on my nose when several notable surgeons refused to take on the task of correcting the damage that three previous surgeries had done. Dr. Sedgh clearly has an artistic eye as well as a very professional ability at nose surgery. He has earned my trust and respect.”

Randy, R.


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