Dr. Jacob Sedgh has been performing high-end facial plastic surgery for over a decade, with hundreds of happy plastic surgery clients in Beverly Hills and world-wide. From rhinoplasties to reconstructive surgeries, we are proud to have been a part of our patient’s lives. Learn more about how we helped change the lives of our patients below.

This woman wanted botox application to her forehead to addressing horizontal forehead and frown lines. Proper technique and dosage while keeping the basic animation and facial movement intact is key in achieving the goal.


This gentleman had prominent keloids on both sides of his cheek from shaving-related trauma. He has had multiple non-invasive treatments for his keloids in the past, which were unsuccessful. He was treated with serial injections of steroids over a course of nine months to achieve a near-complete resolution of his keloids and has been followed for two years with no sign of recurrence and no further therapy required.


This gentleman suffered from a skin condition called rhinophyma, which is the end stage of an inflammatory skin disease called rosacea. He underwent a session of CO2 laser to achieve significant improvement in both quality and contour of his nasal skin.

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