This woman was bothered by her nasal tip’s appearance and the hump on her nose bridge. She underwent open approach septorhinoplasty, in which we applied cartilage grafts from her own nasal septum. She eventually needed a touch-up procedure for minor irregularities on her nose bridge, but she has achieved great results within three years of follow-up consultation, including a very pleasing nasal contour that is consistent with modern aesthetic ideals.
This beautiful young lady was interested in a procedure that would improve the crookedness and hump of her nose, as well as address the droopy aspect of her tip. She underwent a restructuring septorhinoplasty with application of multiple cartilage grafts, all of which were harvested from her own nose during the case. Her internal and external nasal valves were revised, and tip suturing techniques with measured nasal tip rotation provided her with an end result that is harmonious with the rest of her face and allows her natural beauty to truly shine.
This young and beautiful lady with an Italian background was interested in subtle changes to her nose to address her dorsal hump and to achieve a more refined tip. Such adjustments were performed to enhance the nose while still maintaining the unique characteristics of her face. She also had some breathing issues, which were addressed by septoplasty and nasal valve repair with cartilage grafts.
This young lady already had a beautiful nose. However, she had major breathing issues and was interested in a subtle improvement in her appearance. She underwent a septorhinoplasty procedure with improvement of the bony and cartilaginous vaults of her nose. This was done in conjunction with a septoplasty and tip refinement with overall application of multiple structural and cosmetic cartilage grafts. The end result is a natural-looking appearance with a solid improvement in nasal form and function.
This young lady had breathing problems and was unhappy with appearance of her nose. She underwent septorhinoplasty with multiple grafts, nasal valve repair, dorsal hump reduction, tip plasty, and alar base reduction. These changes resulted in a major transformation in both the functionality and aesthetics of her nose, while still keeping her look natural.
This beautiful lady was born with an unusually small nose. Making a nose significantly larger while simultaneously improving its aesthetic appearance is known to be a challenge in rhinoplasty. In this case, multiple grafts using her right ear as a donor site were used to sculpt a strikingly different yet natural-looking nose.
This beautiful lady was unhappy with the shape and projection of her nasal tip and also had major septal deviation which affected her breathing. Major structural grafting using her right ear and septal cartilages addressed all these nasal issues while keeping her profile very natural.
This lady had symptoms of left-sided nasal obstruction, as well as some baseline facial asymmetry. She underwent an open approach septorhinoplasty with conservative tip modification and multiple cartilage grafts. The goal was to address the asymmetry and deviation of her nose while creating modest refinements. At four months post-surgery, following a very smooth course of recovery, she is very happy with the appearance of her results and the vast improvements in her breathing.
This 26-year-old lady was bothered by the lack of tip definition of her nose. She particularly wanted natural-looking results wih no signs of surgery. The results show five years following a rhinoplasty using multiple cartilage grafts taken from her nasal septum. She’s very happy with the long-term results, which included her improved breathing.
This young lady had breathing difficulties and was also bothered by her nose’s crookedness. She wanted to achieve improvements in her breathing and deviation while maintaining her nose’s natural appearance. The results are at three months after she underwent open approach rhinoplasty, where we applied cartilage grafts from her nose. It is worth noting that the scar on her skin is already imperceptible, even at three months post-op.
The lower two thirds of the nose is composed mostly of cartilage and significant deviations of this portion are more challenging and usually more symptomatic as far as their contributions to breathing problems. This young lady wanted a surgery that addresses both the crookedness and obstructive issues while preserving other features of her nose. The results at six months post op show such a dramatic and durable outcome using only cartilages from her own nasal septum.
This young and beautiful girl of Armenian background had an open approach rhinoplasty using only her own septal cartilage as grafting material to achieve outstanding yet natural results with the pictures taken at four months following her surgery
Rhinoplasty to remove the hump and get a more defined tip was this beautiful girl's high school graduation gift from her family. The results shown here were 6 months following the surgery. All the required grafting was taken from her own septal cartilage. Nostril reduction was also performed with no perceptible scars.

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