This young gentleman has a history of multiple traumas to his nose causing both functional and cosmetic problems. He wanted a more straight profile as well as the ability to breathe well from both sides, so he underwent septoplasty, nasal valve repair, dorsal hump reduction, and subtle tip work to give him natural yet transformative changes.
This young lady already had a beautiful nose. However, she had major breathing issues and was interested in a subtle improvement in her appearance. She underwent a septorhinoplasty procedure with improvement of the bony and cartilaginous vaults of her nose. This was done in conjunction with a septoplasty and tip refinement with overall application of multiple structural and cosmetic cartilage grafts. The end result is a natural-looking appearance with a solid improvement in nasal form and function.
This young gentleman has had multiple traumas in the past. The technique used for addressing his septonasal deformity was the application of extended spreader grafts interdigitated with columellar strut graft.
This gentleman had issues with septal deviation and nasal valve constriction. The advanced technique used to address his nasal valve involved the application of articulating alar strut graft, which repositions the lower cartilages of his nose, improving both valve function and aesthetics of the lower-third of the nose simultaneously.
This beautiful lady was unhappy with the shape and projection of her nasal tip and also had major septal deviation which affected her breathing. Major structural grafting using her right ear and septal cartilages addressed all these nasal issues while keeping her profile very natural.
This young lady had breathing problems and was unhappy with appearance of her nose. She underwent septorhinoplasty with multiple grafts, nasal valve repair, dorsal hump reduction, tip plasty, and alar base reduction. These changes resulted in a major transformation in both the functionality and aesthetics of her nose, while still keeping her look natural.
This young and active man had two nasal surgeries following a car accident trauma and had major issues with breathing at rest and exercise due to the resulted saddle nose deformity. He underwent a revision septorhinoplasty with application of  multiple grafts including composite grafts of his right ear. On his five-year follow up he reported that the surgery changed his quality of life.
This beautiful lady was born with an unusually small nose. Making a nose significantly larger while simultaneously improving its aesthetic appearance is known to be a challenge in rhinoplasty. In this case, multiple grafts using her right ear as a donor site were used to sculpt a strikingly different yet natural-looking nose.
This gentleman was unhappy with his nasal hump. Instead of excessive removal of his hump cartilage, grafting to his nasal bridge provided the desired outcome while bringing his bridge higher in a more masculine way.

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