This gentleman had a history of multiple nasal trauma in his younger days. A constructive septorhinoplasty with the application of his own rib cartilage was performed during his operation. At eight months, he is now very happy with the natural appearance of his nose. He also breathes well and has regained the ability to exercise.
This young man with a previous history of nasal trauma was looking to improve his nasal airway, as well as to address his nose’s crookedness and obtain better tip definition at the same time. We performed open approach surgery on him using his own nasal cartilages. The result was taken one year post-op.
This young gentleman has a history of multiple traumas to his nose causing both functional and cosmetic problems. He wanted a more straight profile as well as the ability to breathe well from both sides, so he underwent septoplasty, nasal valve repair, dorsal hump reduction, and subtle tip work to give him natural yet transformative changes.
This young gentleman has had multiple traumas in the past. The technique used for addressing his septonasal deformity was the application of extended spreader grafts interdigitated with columellar strut graft.
This ex-rugby player has had multiple and severe traumas to his nose in the past. He underwent a functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty with major repair of the crooked aspects of his bony and cartilaginous nose. In the end he was able to breathe well from both sides, which has been very rewarding for him. The surgery also provided cosmetic improvements while maintaining a straight, natural-looking nasal profile that retained its masculine characteristics.
This young man wanted a straighter profile that was aesthetically pleasing, while still maintaining the masculinity of his appearance. He also wanted to address breathing problems resulting from major septal deviation. An advanced and fairly delicate technique called application of caudal septal extension graft was employed in this case, ultimately resulting in great satisfaction for the patient.
This gentleman was unhappy with his nasal hump. Instead of excessive removal of his hump cartilage, grafting to his nasal bridge provided the desired outcome while bringing his bridge higher in a more masculine way.
This young man had a major trauma to his nose after a cheerleading accident. He underwent rhinoplasty with partial replacement of his septum using his right ear cartilage. The results are shown two years after the operation.
This gentleman wanted to decrease the size of his nostrils and increase the height of his nasal bridge which are the most common features of Asian rhinoplasty. The results are shown at only two months following the above maneuvers using rib cartilage graft.
This young man had an unfortunate accident following a case of assault which resulted in major nasal deformity with almost complete blockage of his nasal airway and gross deformity as obvious on his preoperative pictures. A complex rhinoplasty using his rib cartilage was performed to almost completely replace his nasal septum. the results at two years out show a major transformation both functionally and cosmetically. This case was selected as a teaching presentation in complex rhinoplasty at the prestigious Las Vegas cosmetic surgery annual meeting.
This gentleman had issues with septal deviation and nasal valve constriction. The advanced technique used to address his nasal valve involved the application of articulating alar strut graft, which repositions the lower cartilages of his nose, improving both valve function and aesthetics of the lower-third of the nose simultaneously.

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