This gentleman underwent unilateral advancement flap placing the scars in his deep forehead wrinkles and as such camouflaging them postoperatively

Two advancement flaps were used to achieve a minimally noticeable reconstruction for this young firefighter who is unfortunate to suffer from skin cancer at an early age.

This gentleman had nearly half of his lower eyelids removed for cancer surgery. Advancement flap and primary closure was performed with essentially no functional sequela and minimal deformity.

This lady had three skin cancers removed from her left face . The reconstruction was performed using a combination of flaps like a puzzle to strategically place scars where they will be minimally noticeable.

This gentleman had a near-quarter sized defect on his nasal tip following a skin cancer removal treatment. The reconstruction was performed with the release of the tissue, a unique design to minimize contour issues, and improvements on the drooping tip. It was no surprise that, two months after, the patient reported that he experienced better breathing compared to his preoperative condition.

This 87 year old gentleman had a conjuncted skin cancer on his left cheek and lower eyelid. He underwent a cancer reconstruction treatment using a V-Y advancement flap. Nine months post-operation, the surgery resulted in optimal functionality without any trace of weakness in eyelid retraction.

This gentleman had a large skin cancer on his nasal bridge that extended up to his cheek. We performed a two-stage forehead flap surgery on him, which has yielded quite amazing results at six months after the second stage. We also performed a skin resurfacing procedure on the patient.

This lady underwent reconstruction on her right cheek, as well as an eyelid tissue advancement from her mid-cheek. We also performed two steroid injections on her to soften the scar. The scars have mostly faded within eight months after her surgery.

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“My experience with this doctor has been excellent. The healing process has been really great and he positioned the excision and repair on my cheek so well that the excision is barely visible already and it has only been a couple of months. I am very happy with the care I am receiving from him.”

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