This patient had a previous thyroid surgery on her neck which resulted in a tethered scar that would contract every time she would swallow. The scar revision was performed by cutting out the scar and releasing it from the underlying tissue and performing a meticulous primary closure.
This patient had partial loss of her neck and chin tissue on the left side following a traumatic dog bite. The dark tissue is the dying portion of the skin. 3 months later a complex scar revision procedure was performed by recruiting the adjacent skin and meticulous care to strategically placed the scars into natural creases of the lower chin and neck.
This 67-year-old female patient had a scar following a cancer reconstruction of her nose. She underwent skin resurfacing procedure in the office and the results, two weeks post-surgery, show excellent improvement of the texture but significant redness that has resolved in two months post-op are also revealed here.
This woman was referred to our clinic for a scar revision procedure. She had a previously unsuccessful reconstructive surgery after cancer removal. We performed a two-stage procedure on her using a novel technique called a turn-over flap. The result at six months looks excellent without make-up and we expect more scar color blending in the following months.

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