This young lady had breathing problems and was unhappy with appearance of her nose. She underwent septorhinoplasty with multiple grafts, nasal valve repair, dorsal hump reduction, tip plasty, and alar base reduction. These changes resulted in a major transformation in both the functionality and aesthetics of her nose, while still keeping her look natural.

This young and beautiful lady with an Italian background was interested in subtle changes to her nose to address her dorsal hump and to achieve a more refined tip. Such adjustments were performed to enhance the nose while still maintaining the unique characteristics of her face. She also had some breathing issues, which were addressed by septoplasty and nasal valve repair with cartilage grafts.

This ex-rugby player has had multiple and severe traumas to his nose in the past. He underwent a functional and cosmetic rhinoplasty with major repair of the crooked aspects of his bony and cartilaginous nose. In the end he was able to breathe well from both sides, which has been very rewarding for him. The surgery also provided cosmetic improvements while maintaining a straight, natural-looking nasal profile that retained its masculine characteristics.

This young gentleman has a history of multiple traumas to his nose causing both functional and cosmetic problems. He wanted a more straight profile as well as the ability to breathe well from both sides, so he underwent septoplasty, nasal valve repair, dorsal hump reduction, and subtle tip work to give him natural yet transformative changes.

This beautiful lady was unhappy with the shape and projection of her nasal tip and also had major septal deviation which affected her breathing. Major structural grafting using her right ear and septal cartilages addressed all these nasal issues while keeping her profile very natural.

This lady has had multiple nasal surgeries in the past, which resulted in both cosmetic and functional problems for her. She underwent revision rhinoplasty with application of temporalis fascia and multiple cartilage grafts. Her progress has been followed by our practice for more than four years, with steady results that truly impacted her quality of life, in her own words.

This young gentleman has had multiple traumas in the past. The technique used for addressing his septonasal deformity was the application of extended spreader grafts interdigitated with columellar strut graft.

This young man had a major trauma to his nose after a cheerleading accident. He underwent rhinoplasty with partial replacement of his septum using his right ear cartilage. The results are shown two years after the operation.

This lady was bothered with external deviation and nasal obstruction issues. She was mostly interested in improving her breathing without making any major changes to her nasal appearance. The results were taken at four months after a successful septorhinoplasty with ear cartilage graft application, which we performed in order to achieve her described goals.

Seven years ago, this lady had rhinoplasty that resulted in septal perforation and an overly resected and pinched nose. The pictures were taken three months after revision rhinoplasty and septal perforation repair, where we applied cadaveric rib cartilage (to avoid making an incision on her chest) and temporalis fascia from her left temple. The surgery has brought her nose’s natural beauty back and improved her nasal breathing complaints at the same time.

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“I will like to comment on the excellent care I received from Dr. Jacob Sedgh. Recommended for Rhinoplasty surgery. His reassurance and confidence eased my tension. Presently, I breathe a lot better and I’m rapidly recovering. Even my nose looks a lot better. Thank you!”

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