Liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure that helps sculpt, contour, and lift the face without creating surgical incisions. It uses biologically-compatible dermal fillers or fat injections to add volume and lift to a specific facial feature. Some fillers may also encourage collagen growth to promote the appearance of firmer, more supple skin.

Patients who undergo a liquid facelift can expect to have a more contoured face with less wrinkles, giving them a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. The effects are temporary and can last up to two years.

Reasons To Undergo This Procedure

The best candidates for a liquid facelift are those who wish to have only a few specific facial features lifted without actually going under the knife. It’s also the suggested procedure for those who are eventually planning on having a permanent surgical facelift but would like to start with a temporary fix to see what results they can expect.

A liquid facelift addresses a wide variety of issues:

  1. Sagging facial features
  2. Tired look
  3. Frown or laugh lines
  4. Hollow cheeks
  5. Uneven facial volume
  6. Sunken under eye area
  7. Recessed scars

What Are The Benefits?

The liquid facelift is a commonly requested non-invasive procedure for rejuvenating the face. But while it is a perfectly safe procedure, it requires a fully qualified facial plastic surgeon to obtain the most ideal results.

Dr. Jacob Sedgh has almost a decade of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, as well as an artistic eye that will yield impressive, natural-looking results. Patients who undergo this procedure under his care can expect the following benefits:

  1. Smoother, supple skin
  2. Reduced wrinkles, lines, and folds
  3. Restored facial contours
  4. Improved smile
  5. Fuller, younger-looking cheeks
  6. Lifted forehead and brows

With every procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, Dr. Sedgh takes the time to get to know his patients better in order to fully understand their specific rejuvenation goals.

During your first consultation, he will first ask you about your medical history, your motivations for the procedure, and your what you want to achieve. Here are the other things that you can expect from your first appointment:

  1. A thorough physical examination with a focus on the target areas
  2. Explanation of the procedure and how it will be accomplished
  3. An optional skin test
  4. A discussion on the best execution plan for your specific needs

If you live out-of-town or overseas, Dr. Sedgh can conduct your consultation via video conferencing. Should you decide to have the procedure, his office can help you plan your trip and assist you with travel and accommodation, as well as aftercare and concierge services.

Liquid Facelift Procedure

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Sedgh will once again evaluate your problem areas, skin quality, and other relevant physical attributes of the face. If there was a significant interval between your last consultation and the day of the procedure, recent changes to the skin and facial appearance need to be taken into account.

After this evaluation, the doctor may once again discuss the kind of filler that will be used, the steps he will be taking, and the areas he will be augmenting.

To start the procedure, Dr. Sedgh will mark strategic points on the face as guides for the injection sites. He may apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area, but in some cases, the anesthetic may be included in the filler mixture.

Once all target areas have been prepped, the doctor will inject a controlled amount of filler into each site. He will carefully massage the treated area, evaluate the results, and inject more if needed.

Deeper lines and scars, especially around the cheek area, will usually need deeper or follow-up injections.

Liquid facelifts often take less than an hour, depending on how many areas and lines need to be treated.

In some cases, patients may opt to use fat injections, which will yield more permanent results. This type of liquid facelift typically takes longer, as the fat to be used must be harvested from predetermined donor sites and carefully prepared prior to injection.


Since liquid facelifts do not require incisions, there is very minimal downtime. Most patients are able to resume their day-to-day activities immediately after the procedure. The treated areas may be red, swollen, or bruised right after the treatment, but the tenderness should go away in a few days.

With every procedure he performs, Dr. Sedgh makes it a point to be heavily involved in the recovery of all his patients. He will personally follow your progress to continuously assess and monitor your results, so expect several follow-up appointments for up to a year after the procedure. After a few months, he may recommend additional sessions to help maintain the results of the initial facelift.

Your results should last anywhere between several months to several years, depending on the filler to be used.

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