Plastic surgeon consulting woman before rhinoplasty surgery.

How Does a Plastic Surgeon Harvest Rib Cartilage for Rhinoplasty?

If you are considering rhinoplasty, you may have heard about using rib cartilage as a graft material. Rib cartilage is a versatile and durable option to reshape and reconstruct the nose for functional and aesthetic purposes. The Rib Cartilage Harvesting Procedure During a rhinoplasty procedure that involves rib cartilage grafting, the plastic surgeon will typically make a

Plastic surgeon drawing pre-surgical lines on woman's nose.

Can Plastic Surgery Fix a Pinched Nose?

A pinched nose is a common aesthetic concern. It occurs when the nasal bridge is narrow and the tip of the nose looks squeezed. This condition can make breathing hard and change the face’s appearance, hurting a person’s confidence. While many try to mask their pinched noses with makeup or accessories, plastic surgery is a long-lasting solution.


Why Do I Have a Nose Hump?

The nose is an integral part of the face that dramatically affects how someone looks. While some individuals have perfectly straight and symmetrical noses, others may have a bump or hump on the bridge of their noses. This nose hump, also known as a dorsal hump, is a common cosmetic concern for many people. This article will


Can Plastic Surgery Alter a Flat or Depressed Nasal Bridge?

A flat or depressed nose has a low nasal bridge. The side profiles are particularly affected by the disproportion that results from this nose shape. As a result, people with flat noses may feel insecure or unhappy with their looks. Why Do People Want Plastic Surgery to Alter Their Flat or Depressed Bridge? There are various reasons

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Do You Have Wide Nostrils? Nose Reshaping Can Help

Wide nostrils are typically caused by genetics, whether inherited by someone else in your family or a common physical feature of your ethnicity. If the shape of your nose is well proportioned to your face, but the alar base is broader in comparison, a reshaping procedure may help restore balance. Alarplasty is a common facial plastic surgery

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How to Correct a Droopy Tip with Rhinoplasty

There are several potential causes of a drooping nose. In some cases, this is a condition that is present at birth. However, your nose tip may begin to droop more as you age or as the result of an injury. When you smile, the muscles controlling the upper lip can pull on structures supporting the nose tip.

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Why Would Someone Want Forehead Contouring?

Although the procedure is more commonly associated with men, forehead contouring is performed on both sexes to create a more feminine face outline. Women sometimes have too masculine features that detract from their otherwise feminine appearance. Examples of such qualities are an angular face, a sharp chin and a high brow. Forehead contouring can be part of

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How to Ensure You Achieve a Natural Looking Nose Job

”How do I know I’ll get a natural looking nose job?” It’s possibly the most frequently raised concern we hear from patients who approach us about cosmetic rhinoplasty—and understandably so. The nose is the most prominent facial feature, and the idea of undergoing nose surgery only to find yourself with a nose that looks unnatural or doesn’t

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Nose Hit After Rhinoplasty: What to Do if It Happens?

It’s every patient’s worst nightmare. After finally getting that rhinoplasty procedure you’ve wanted so much, you have an accidental bump that could completely ruin your results. It’s a scenario that almost every patient worries about, but is a hit nose after rhinoplasty really that disastrous? And what should you do if you accidentally bump your nose after

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How Long Do Chin Implants Last? Know This Before Proceeding

Chin implants can be an excellent solution for patients who are frustrated by a weak or receding chin or jawline. However, the thought of undergoing any type of surgical cosmetic procedure is sure to raise a few questions—and one of them is probably “how long do chin implants last?” It’s always important to be fully informed about



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