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Chin Implant VS Genioplasty – What Are the Differences?

If you’re looking for a solution to address a weak or excessively recessed chin, cosmetic medicine now offers patients several treatment options that can achieve excellent results—but what are those options? What’s the Difference Between Chin Implant vs Genioplasty? The simple answer is that chin implants are a form of genioplasty. Genioplasty broadly refers to any form

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Nostrils Uneven After Rhinoplasty – Should You Be Concerned?

For patients who are frustrated by their large, asymmetrical or crooked noses, cosmetic rhinoplasty is considered the ideal solution to address their concerns and produce a straighter, more attractive nose. But what happens if you notice your nostrils are uneven following rhinoplasty? Should you be concerned about it? Here we discuss the most likely cause of your

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What Buccal Fat Removal Risks Should I Be Aware Of?

While chubby cheeks may be considered cute during childhood, you might not think they’re quite as endearing when they stick around into adulthood. If you desire a slimmer, more defined facial appearance, buccal fat reduction could be an excellent solution. However, as with any type of surgical procedure, buccal fat removal does carry some inherent risks. While

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Should I Get Buccal Fat Removal? Everything You Should Know

Buccal fat removal is one of the latest and greatest procedures for those looking to tone, sculpt, and contour the shape of their face. This minimally invasive solution to those dreaded “chipmunk cheeks” is quick to complete and should have you back to your daily routine in one to two days. If you’ve asked “Should I get

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What to Expect: Buccal Fat Removal Healing Time

If you’re unhappy with the volume or contour of your cheeks, you may be considering buccal fat reduction. Buccal fat reduction is performed by making incisions on the inside of the cheeks and removing the buccal fat pad from the area between your jaw and cheekbones  before gently sculpting the internal tissues to produce the optimal contour.

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Does Buccal Fat Removal Age You? Here is What You Should Know

Buccal fat removal minimizes your cheeks and defines your facial angles by removing the buccal fat pad that’s located below your cheekbones. Also called cheek surgery or buccal lipectomy, this procedure is very popular among cherub-cheeked people who want a more chiseled look. If you’ve considered removing your buccal fat for a more defined look, you may

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Nose Asymmetry After Rhinoplasty — Why Would This Happen?

One of the reasons people come in for a rhinoplasty procedure is to fix a crooked nose. However, what should you do if you end up with nose asymmetry after rhinoplasty? Is this normal — and if it is, why does it happen?   All these questions and more are answered in this post. Read below to


What Are the Different Types of Chin Implants?

The chin plays a key role in determining how balanced an individual’s facial appearance is. For those who are concerned about a weak or receding chin, a double chin, a poorly defined jaw or an asymmetrical facial profile, chin implant surgery (or mentoplasty) could provide the solution that helps them to achieve a more prominent chin profile



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