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Luscious lips have always been considered a highly desirable feature to have, but thanks to many celebrities and influencers, it has never been more true than it is today. As a result of this popular beauty trend, more and more people have been turning to plastic surgery to attain that voluminous pout.

There are many cosmetic options, ranging from temporary to permanent, for augmenting the shape and size of the lips. But with such procedures, it is important to remember that the final results should always be balanced with the rest of the face in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

On the other hand, having voluptuous lips is not always ideal—particularly when they throw off the symmetry and harmony of the face. Some people have excessively large lips that have an overpowering effect on the rest of the facial features, and in such cases, a lip reduction is recommended as an effective and permanent solution.

Aside from the lips, the chin is another facial feature that many people choose to enhance or augment for a more symmetrical and proportional appearance. The natural size, shape, or projection of the chin can have a profound impact on the appearance of the nose, either making it look too big or too small.

From minimally invasive treatments to cosmetic surgery, there are several options for sculpting the chin area to your desired proportions. With any of these procedures, Dr. Jacob Sedgh delivers supremely artistic results that are specially shaped to suit the patient’s facial features and meet their aesthetic goals.

For more information on the lip and chin procedures offered by Dr. Sedgh, check out the resources provided below.

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