Chin implant surgery is a form of chin augmentation that uses a medical-grade implant to strengthen the appearance of a weak or receding chin. It is designed to enhance facial profile and improve facial aesthetics by making the chin more symmetrical with the nose, cheeks, and jaw.

This procedure is accomplished by implanting a biologically-compatible solid material into the chin. This helps reshape the area and achieve increased projection, which should bring more balance to the face. Patients who undergo this surgery can expect a more prominent chin and improved facial symmetry, which results in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Reasons To Undergo This Procedure

The chin is an important facial feature that often gets overlooked. In reality, it can greatly impact the balance and aesthetic quality of a person’s facial appearance. A weak chin is especially noticeable in men, as a strong chin and jawline is considered an inherently masculine facial trait.

People usually get chin implants to enhance a less prominent chin that “disappears” into the neck.

Here are other issues that a chin implant can help address:

  1. Weak and receding chin
  2. Permanent double chin
  3. Poorly defined jaw
  4. Asymmetrical facial profile

What Are The Benefits?

Facial implants can be a permanent solution to a receding chin, but it is important to find a highly skilled plastic surgeon with an artistic eye to help you achieve long-lasting results that fulfill your surgery goals.

With nearly two decades of extensive medical study and surgical experience, Dr. Jacob Sedgh has mastered both the technical and artistic aspect of his craft. He is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who uses highly customized techniques to address each patient’s individual concerns and to deliver natural-looking results.

A successful chin implant surgery can yield the following benefits:

  1. Stronger, more prominent chin
  2. Better jawline contour
  3. Enhanced facial profile
  4. Increased overall symmetry
  5. Improved self-confidence

Dr. Sedgh is known for his surgical expertise and artistic approach to plastic surgery, but he is also well-noted for his reassuring presence and pleasing personality. The doctor’s exemplary bedside manner and calm demeanor helps patients feel more at ease during their initial consultation, during which he will patiently listen as they discuss their surgery goals.

During your first meeting, he will also:

  1. Inquire about your medical history
  2. Perform a thorough physical examination
  3. Discuss the chin implant procedure in detail
  4. Lay down the best surgical plan for your specific case

For those who live outside Los Angeles or the US, Dr. Sedgh can also conduct initial consultations via video conferencing. Should you wish to proceed with the surgery under the doctor’s care, his office can assist you with your travel and accommodation needs, as well as provide concierge and aftercare services, for a more relaxed and hassle-free experience.

Chin Implant Procedure

As a facial plastic surgeon with an extensive background in head and neck surgery, Dr. Sedgh is highly familiar with the anatomy of the human face and with the many advanced surgical techniques used in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. This makes him uniquely equipped to safely deliver the patient’s desired chin shape and projection while maintaining a natural yet enhanced look.

The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia, IV sedation, or general anesthesia, depending on what you have agreed upon during prior consultations. Once the area is sufficiently numbed, Dr. Sedgh will create an incision—either inside the lower lip (intraoral approach) or beneath your chin (submental approach)—through which he will carefully insert the implant.

To ensure the quality and longevity of the results, Dr. Sedgh will use the most suitable type of implant for your specific needs.

As for the location of the implant, Dr. Sedgh will take several factors into account to ensure the most optimum placement. He will then secure the implant to the chin bone with screws or sutures before carefully and strategically closing the incisions.

A simple chin implant procedure takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.


Chin implant surgery is a quick and simple outpatient procedure. The recovery period is fairly quick, with downtime lasting no more than seven days.

Minimal bruising and swelling can be expected during the first few weeks, but patients should be able to return to work in one week. As always, strict adherence to the prescribed aftercare instructions is strongly advised to help ensure a healthy and comfortable recovery.

Dr. Sedgh takes pride in providing his patients with highly attentive, specially individualized care. He believes that this is key to a successful recovery, which is why he strives to remain in close contact with patients throughout the entire postoperative process.

In addition to making himself available for all questions and concerns, he will also personally follow your healing progress through regularly scheduled follow-up meetings starting from the first post-surgery day up to the last post-op appointment.

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