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Dr. Sedgh is regarded as being among the most accomplished nose revision specialists practicing in the Los Angeles area. He and his hand-selected staff are kind, warm, and compassionate, and dedicated to providing personal care and attention during every step of the process.

Restoring your nose shape and function with revision rhinoplasty

Revision surgeries are often more complicated than the initial procedure, but with advanced reconstructive techniques, a revision rhinoplasty can yield an enhanced nose that contributes to improved facial symmetry and aesthetic quality. It can also promote better breathing and restore normal nasal functions that may have been affected during the initial rhinoplasty.

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Why undergo a revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is mainly for patients who are unsatisfied with their previous nose job results, but it can also be ideal for those with persistent nasal issues or those who simply want additional changes.

A botched nose job can have a profoundly negative effect on the aesthetic appearance and functional capacity of the nose. These effects include the following:

  • Unnatural or “overdone” nose enhancements
  • Excessive or insufficient bridge, nostril, or tip reduction
  • Collapse of inner nasal structure
  • Increased asymmetry
  • Inadequate reshaping
  • Excessive visible scarring
  • Healing complications from a previous surgery

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What happens when a nose job goes wrong?

A poorly performed rhinoplasty can have devastating results. You had hoped that your nose shape, size, or projection would be resolved with an attractive and natural result, but may now be living with a nose that looks unnatural or strange—and possibly worse than it did in its natural state. Surgical errors can lead to severe problems in both appearance and function, including the following conditions:

  • Airway obstruction: When surgery is performed incorrectly, the ability to breathe freely can be affected, and must be surgically corrected
  • Collapsed nasal bones, “Polly beak”: This is a complication in which the primary surgery failed to provide enough support for the nose structure, causing it to collapse and become concave in appearance, pushing the tip downward
  • Nostril deformity: A failure to perform primary surgery correctly can lead to uneven nostril size or shape, which must be surgically corrected to restore a natural look
  • Nose structure too small: When too much of the nose structure has been removed and the nose now appears too small, it requires high-level skills to correct it, often requiring cartilage grafts
  • Pinched nose tip: The nose tip may have been wrongly reshaped, leading to a tight, pinched look to the nose tip; this unattractive result can be resolved with carefully performed revision surgery
  • Crooked nose structure: The surgery may have left your nose looking crooked or uneven, which requires revision surgery to straighten and correct
  • Asymmetry: If your result appears uneven, with the nose larger on one side, a revision rhinoplasty can be performed to create a natural, more even look
  • Irregularities on nose bridge: The nose bridge may have been altered incorrectly, or even reveal the bony structure of the nose
  • Over-rotation (nose too short): The nose tip cartilage looks unnatural due to the removal of too much cartilage
  • Excessive scarring: If you were left with noticeable scarring, treatments can be performed to create a less obvious incision scar
  • Internal nose valve collapse: Whether caused by contraction scarring, poorly placed incisions or removal of too much tissue, this problem requires the removal of excess scar tissue, or restoring the valve with the placement of a cartilage graft
  • Healing complications from previous surgery

Will a revision rhinoplasty resolve my problem?

Our revision nose surgery, when performed with top-level surgical skills, will create the size, shape, symmetry, and functionality you were hoping to achieve with your initial surgery. In the hands of a highly skilled reconstructive plastic surgeon, this procedure can produce optimum results with no need for additional revisions.

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Dr. Jacob Sedgh, acclaimed rhinoplasty revision surgeon

With over a decade of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery, Dr. Jacob Sedgh has extensive experience in performing the most advanced revision rhinoplasty techniques for a wide variety of aesthetic and structural nasal issues.

He uses a meticulous surgical approach for each case and employs controlled precision and artistry to sculpt excellent, natural-looking results to resolve an unsatisfactory result from a prior nose surgery.

Under Dr. Sedgh’s care, you can expect the following benefits from your revision rhinoplasty:

  • Straighter, more proportionate nose
  • Improved nasal function
  • Enhanced or restored structural integrity
  • Increased facial symmetry
  • Reduced visible scarring

Revision rhinoplasty: Why choose Dr. Sedgh?

Dr. Sedgh has excellent credentials with years of advanced training under the world’s most renowned facial plastic surgeons. No matter how difficult your problem, he has the training, surgical skills, and meticulous approach needed to achieve excellent results. He is certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology, head and neck surgery – training above and beyond what most plastic surgeons can offer. He has a deep understanding of facial aesthetics and merges the mastery of his craft with advanced surgical skills. He will perform revision rhinoplasty with the attention and perfectionism of a sculptor and can take your case to an exceptional result.

Recovery rules

You will need to sleep with your head elevated, and avoid bending over, lifting, or blowing your nose for three weeks. Gentle walks are the best exercise. The full results will be achieved over time but may require up to a year or longer, although your nose will be significantly improved in appearance far earlier. Contact us today to learn more, and schedule a consultation to receive arguably the best results after revision rhinoplasty.

Comfort & Transparency From Start To Finish

When under the care of Dr. Sedgh, you will feel comfortable, cared for, and you will understand every aspect of your upcoming treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical. His approach to facial enhancement is to achieve a refreshed, natural look – with transparency, honesty, and the highest level of ethical treatment, from start to finish.

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