Nose Hump

Bumps and humps on the nasal bridge are a common complaint. Many people are born with humped noses, usually due to genetics or ethnicity traits. The oversized bridge greatly impacts the balance of the facial features, especially from the profile view. To flatten and reshape the nasal bridge, rhinoplasty or non-surgical cosmetic treatments can achieve the desired outcome. Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery offers nose hump and bump correction at our facility in West Hollywood, CA.

An overbearing dorsal hump on the nose can be distracting and pull vision away from eyes, lips and other features on the face. Taming the hump and sculpting the nose can make a significant difference in the harmony of the facial features, creating a more attractive appearance. For slightly humped noses or bridges with small bumps, non-surgical options like dermal filler injections can be used to smooth the nasal bridge. However, non-surgical treatments cannot make the nose smaller, they only add volume to reshape the nose.

Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty

When larger bumps or humps exist on the nose, rhinoplasty is required for removal. Many dorsal humps can be removed with closed rhinoplasty, which places the incisions inside the nostrils for a very discreet scar. During the procedure, the excess bone or cartilage is removed, and the nose is carefully reshaped to achieve the desired size and appearance. For more extensive humps that extend the length of the bridge, open rhinoplasty may be required, placing the incision on the columella for better access to the entire nose structure.

Dr. Jacob Sedgh is one of LA’s most respected facial plastic surgeons. He is double board certified and a rhinoplasty specialist. Dr. Sedgh utilizes advanced techniques to create natural-appearing nose reshaping results that are designed to last. For extensive dorsal hump removal surgery, he will often recommend spreader grafts to prevent nasal valve collapse or airway obstruction that can be a complication from this procedure.

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For more information on rhinoplasty or cosmetic treatment for bumps or humps on the nasal bridge, contact us at Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery. We can book your appointment for a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Sedgh at our location near Beverly Hills, CA.


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