Masseter Reduction, Face Slimming

Masseter muscles are responsible for moving the jaw up and down, connecting the lower jaw to the upper jaw and skull. Located on the outside of the jaw, the masseter muscles impact the shape of the face. Thicker jaw muscles widen the lower face and jaw for a masculine or square appearance. To create a slimmer face or more feminine appearance, reducing the size of the masseter muscles can achieve the desired effect. Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery offers masseter reduction for face slimming at our clinic in West Hollywood, CA.

Masseter Reduction

There are two options when it comes to masseter or jaw reduction procedures: plastic surgery or non-surgical treatment. Plastic surgery may be the best option when dramatic slimming of the jaw is desired. Masseter muscles can be reduced in size through incisions inside the cheeks. This can permanently reduce the size of the jaw muscles to create a narrower jaw or heart-shaped face.

Botox for Face Slimming

Non-surgical masseter reduction can be accomplished with Botox® injections. Botox is a neuromodulator that reduces muscle contraction and movement. For face slimming, Botox is injected into the masseter muscles, relaxing and weakening the muscles over the following months. This allows the muscles to shrink in size, resulting in a slimmer, more feminine jawline.


Botox treatment for jaw reduction is non-invasive and can be performed in a quick office visit with no downtime or recovery required. The injections are not painful, and the effects can begin to be felt in a few days after the treatment. Botox wears off over time as its protein components are broken down into amino acids and absorbed by the body. The results wear off in about 3-4 months. If further masseter reduction is required, additional treatments can be performed.

If you have a square jaw or round face appearance, jaw slimming can be performed with masseter reduction procedures. To learn more about surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for face slimming, contact us at Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery. Call our facility in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule a masseter reduction consultation.


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