Lip Augmentation

Our lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that alters the appearance of the lips to achieve a more attractive shape and volume. It is an ideal solution for those with naturally thin lips, but it can also help you if age has affected your lip appearance.



Various methods can be used in lip augmentation, including both non-surgical and surgical procedures. To determine which of these is best suited to your needs, Dr. Sedgh will go over your wishes and goals for your surgery with you. With almost a decade of surgical experience, and a reputation for his ability to create authentic, beautiful results, your lip augmentation will be performed with exceptional skill and attention to detail.
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You can undergo lip enhancement not only to improve the fullness and smoothness of your lips or to make the lips symmetrical, bringing balance to your entire face. You may also undergo the procedure to rejuvenate the lips and address the adverse effects of aging. Lip augmentation is commonly performed to enlarge or reshape the lips, but it can also correct the following: 


Our West Hollywood lip augmentation is a simple procedure that requires subtlety to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Dr. Jacob Sedgh believes in the importance of achieving symmetry and maintaining a natural look, which is why he employs finesse and artistry to avoid unnatural or overfilled results that can negatively affect the overall harmony and natural beauty of the face.

Dr. Sedgh is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon whose exceptional surgical skills are backed by nearly two decades of medical study and practice. Under his care, you can expect the following benefits:


Lip augmentation restores volume to the lips and enhances their shape using various techniques, including injectable fillers, implants, or surgical lip lifts. It usually involves the injection of dermal filler or natural fat, but implants or surgical lifting can be performed for a lifetime enhancement. BOTOX may also be used to modify creases at the corners of the mouth. 


Dr. Sedgh’s medical expertise and empathy are the pillars of his successful practice. During your initial consultation, he will listen to your goals and desired outcome. He will then discuss what he suggests as treatment. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to communicate your expectations and other concerns, so make sure to ask any questions you may have.
Your consultation will consist of:
If you are unable to personally visit Dr. Sedgh’s West Hollywood clinic in the prestigious Sunset Towers, bordering West Hollywood and Beverly Hills for a consultation, he can conduct the meeting through Skype for your convenience. For those who need to travel to undergo the procedure, the doctor’s concierge team can also assist you with travel arrangements.


There are numerous methods used for lip augmentations in West Hollywood: non-surgical options such as dermal fillers and fat transfer, and invasive surgical procedures such as lip implants, dermal grafting, vermillion advancement, or lip lifting, which yield a more permanent result. Lip augmentation is generally an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthetic. It can usually be completed in two hours or less. Dr. Sedgh’s expertise in facial reconstructive surgery enables him to perform the procedure with utmost accuracy, taking into consideration the impact that it will have on your overall appearance.


Dermal fillers are considered the best option for temporary lip enhancement. This procedure involves the strategic placement of lip fillers to areas that need to be plumped or reshaped. This particular method requires an in-depth understanding of facial aging and changes in the bony and soft tissue anatomy, as this can play a significant role in achieving natural-looking results. To augment the lips, Dr. Sedgh will inject dermal filler in small increments to keep the results natural and controlled. Each injection site will be massaged to sculpt the area, then carefully evaluated to determine if more filler is required. 


For results that last a lifetime results, lip implants and fat transfers are both popular options. With fat transfer, a small portion of body fat is taken out of a donor site and injected into the target areas to create soft, smooth, and plump lips. With lip implants, the doctor will use either natural or synthetic implants, which are inserted through small incisions inside the corners of the mouth. He will then thread the implant through the lip, cut it into the correct length, and close the incisions with stitches.
Invasive surgical options for permanent lip augmentation, such as mucosal advancement and lip lifting, can also be performed. However, these methods are only appropriate for a select group of patients and not commonly used in the modern era of facial rejuvenation due to the success and ease of less invasive options.


Downtime is typically very minimal following a lip augmentation procedure. After undergoing filler injections, you may experience some swelling and bruises in the immediate area, but these side effects will usually subside after a few days. You may also experience mild to moderate discomfort. The length of recovery varies among individuals, but you can expect to return to your usual activities within a week. Dr. Sedgh will provide you with detailed instructions for post-procedure care, which must be strictly followed to ensure proper healing. He will personally monitor your post-surgery progress through regularly scheduled follow-up appointments.
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Known as one of the top facial plastic surgeons in West Hollywood and the Los Angeles area, Dr. Sedgh combines the mastery of the most advanced surgical techniques with the artistic professionalism of a sculptor. He has the unique skill of being able to perform cosmetic procedures that achieve natural-looking results that complement the rest of your face. Dr. Sedgh has a reputation for being extremely caring, ensuring that he understands the aesthetic goals you want, and helping you achieve them to your full satisfaction.

If you wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation for arguably the best lip augmentation West Hollywood has to offer. 


When under our care, Dr. Sedgh always ensures you feel comfortable, cared for, well-informed about every aspect of your upcoming treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical. With an approach which focuses on achieving refreshed, natural-looking results, Dr. Sedgh prides himself on always acting with transparency, honesty, and the highest level of ethical treatment, from start to finish.