Facial Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers

RealSelf Q&A with Jacob Sedgh, MD
Questions & Answers
I would like to remove my bulbous tip, what type of rhinoplasty surgery should I consider? (Photos)
It is often best to address the whole nose at the same time, however once could solely focus on tip changes. A bolbous tip can impose limitations on the...READ MORE
Can I get a rhinoplasty one year after a non-surgical rhinoplasty with Radiesse filler?
Itgenerally prefer to dissolve the filler before rhinoplasty if possible, but in cases like this that some residualfiller might still be there the surgeon...READ MORE
During a septorhinoplasty is there a chance where someone can develop empty nose syndrome?
Empty nose syndrome is due to aggressive turbinate reduction. This can be done at the same time as any type of nasal surgery. There are many ways to reduce...READ MORE
Best filler when you have an autoimmune disease and take immune suppression medicine?
In general those fillers that are only composed of hyaluronic acid are consideredsafer as they can be completely dissolved in case of any issues.READ MORE
I have some broken capillaries on my face. Can I get fillers? Are they safe for me?
There isalways some riskwith intravascular injection offillersif they are not done with proper technique but you should not be particularly at higher risk...READ MORE
Is it possible to inject the area under the apples like the lateral temporal cheeks? If so what filler should be used?
It is very difficult to recommend filler options without having photos. Cheek is one of the most common areas to be treated with fillers and both...READ MORE
Can my nose be lowered somehow so it’s not pointing so high up? (Photos)
Yes of course it can be revised. Aturned up tip is one of the common reasons a lot of primary rhinoplasty patients are not happy and with proper cartilage...READ MORE
Can I reduce Nostril size in my profile view with alar reduction? (Photos)
Unfortunately alarreduction cannot or should notbe evaluated like this and particularly on aprofile view. That is a maneuver that often gets assessed with a...READ MORE
If I place a filler on top of my chin implant will it develop a biofilm or an infection?
That is a very good question. Fillers are considered biological implants so even a superficial filler can technically increase the risk of infection if it...READ MORE
Alar notch after graft, is there more that can be done? (photo)
This is a complicated issue. There are multiple options to address and notched ala. Anothercomposite graft can be attempted but also an alarrimgraft or...READ MORE


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