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Jacob Sedgh, MD

Double Board Certified Surgeon

Dr. Jacob Sedgh, M.D. merges medical expertise with the vision of a sculptor as one of Southern California’s finest facial plastic surgeons. Dr. Sedgh has mastered the advanced surgical techniques and application of the latest technological innovations during decades of training and practice at leading institutions across the United States. His expertise is now available to you at his new state of the art medical facility in Southern California.

You are unique, and your treatment at Sedgh Plastic Surgery will be crafted in consideration of your individual needs. Dr. Sedgh’s training and experience treating a diverse array of patients and conditions allows him to provide personalized treatment tailored specifically to meet the goals of every individual. Guided by his understanding of facial aesthetics, Dr. Sedgh can create results improving not only a patient’s appearance, but something priceless: their confidence and self-esteem.

Patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction are top priorities at Sedgh Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sedgh will take you through every step of your treatment, answering all your questions and addressing any concerns.

Dr. Sedgh is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon by the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the gold standard in certification. Knowing Dr. Sedgh practices and upholds these rigorous medical board standards, be assured you can enjoy complete confidence in your choice when seeking treatment which is equally caring and personal as it is professional.

Procedures Perfecting The Face

  • Nose Surgery


    Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Functional Revision Cosmetic

    Are you unhappy with the size, shape or function of your nose? You don’t have to suffer when you look in the mirror. As an expert in Rhinoplasty, Dr. Sedgh can transform your appearance with a beautiful, functional and natural looking nose.

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  • Eye Lid Surgery


    Brow & Eyelid Surgery

    Eyelid Lift Brow & Forehead Lift Forehead Contouring

    Facial sagging, loose skin and drooping eyelids are normal effects of aging. When you feel younger than the face in the mirror, Dr. Sedgh can help you look rejuvenated and re-energized with brow and eyelid procedures from blepharoplasties to forehead contouring.

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  • Face Lift


    Face & Neck Surgery

    Neck Liposuction Facial Implants Mini Facelift

    Dr. Sedgh has performed a variety of successful facelifts from mini-lifts to more extensive surgery, each one unique with attention to every detail. You will never look stretched or overdone, but refreshed and ready to take on the world.

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  • Ear Surgery


    Ear Surgery

    Ear Pinning SurgerySURGERY Ear Lobe Reduction Ear Lobe Repair

    Have you been teased all your life about your large ears? Otoplasty (ear plastic surgery) can reduce protruding ears, repair damage to your ear lobes, and create pleasing ears shaped to your ideal look.

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  • Reconstructive

    Facial Surgery

    Reconstructive Surgery

    Scar Revision MOHS Facial Paralysis

    If you have suffered physical damage caused by disease or an accident, or you have congenital deformities, Dr. Sedgh can restore form and function through the most advanced reconstructive surgery techniques. Learn what is possible to restore you to an attractive appearance.

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  • Non-Surgical

    Facial Treatments

    Non-Surgical Procedures

    Botox & Dysport Laser Skin Resurfacing Dermabrasion

    Trust your appearance to Dr. Sedgh for non-surgical facial treatments including Botox and laser skin resurfacing. Only a physician with expertise in anatomy and facial structure can safely administer these procedures to achieve the best possible results.

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