Dark Circles Under Eyes

The under-eye area is comprised of delicate skin and fatty tissue that is susceptible to change with aging and other factors. When you are tired, sick or dehydrated, it is common for dark circles or bags to appear under your eyes. Eye bags and dark circles can be permanent, making the face look tired and unwell. Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery offers treatment for dark circles under eyes at our facility in West Hollywood, CA.

Treatment for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles in the under-eye area can be caused by a variety of factors. When the skin and tissue lose volume from aging, dehydration and other causes, the blood vessels under the eyes can be visible, creating darkness under the eyes. Deeper tear troughs can also create dark shadows, making the face look older and tired.

One of the quickest treatments for dark circles is facial filler injections. A flexible hyaluronic acid filler formula can be used to fill tear troughs or volumize the under-eye area to hide the appearance of dark circles. The treatment can be performed in about 15 minutes, and the results can last for several months or longer.

Eye Bags Treatment

Eye bags that do not go away with plenty of rest can be caused by aging, genetics or hormonal changes. While blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift surgery, is a permanent solution for eye bag removal and under-eye tightening, there are non-surgical treatments. Adding dermal fillers to the upper cheek can create a smoother transition from the under-eye area to the cheek, hiding eye bags. Skin tightening treatments can also be used to lift the lower eyelid skin for a firmer appearance.

If you have dark circles or bags under your eyes that make you look older and unrested, there are cosmetic treatments to refresh your eye appearance. To explore the procedures available, contact us at Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery. Our team can schedule an aesthetic consultation to discuss treatment for dark circles or eye bags at our plastic surgery center in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA, area.

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