Twisted Nose

A straight, balanced nose is desirable for an attractive face. When the cartilage or bone in the nose is damaged, the nasal tip can be altered, creating a twisted appearance. Trauma is the most common cause of a twisted nose, but it can occur due to previous surgeries, genetics or other factors. At Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer twisted nose correction with rhinoplasty at our facility in West Hollywood, CA.

A twisted nose shape occurs when the nasal bone on the upper bridge or the supportive cartilage in the lower nose is deformed. A broken nose that was not properly treated can result in the nose twisting to one side, creating an asymmetrical nose. The nostrils are often different sizes or shapes due to the twist in the nasal tip. The odd shape is distracting, drawing attention away from the other features of the face.

A mildly twisted nose can often be remedied with non-surgical rhinoplasty. Facial fillers can be used to reshape the nasal tip for a more symmetrical appearance, but the results are temporary. For more severe nose damage, rhinoplasty is needed to achieve the desired appearance.

Nose Injury Rhinoplasty

Twisted nose rhinoplasty is tailored to the patient and the severity of their nose trauma. The procedure may require osteotomy to realign crooked nasal bones to create a straight bridge. If the nasal tip is severely twisted, the cartilage may need to be reconstructed to create the desired appearance. Many nose injury rhinoplasty procedures will include cartilage grafts to restore a straight and structurally sound nose.

The goal with any twisted nose cosmetic procedure is to accomplish a balanced, symmetrical nose that functions normally. Dr. Jacob Sedgh is a highly skilled rhinoplasty plastic surgeon with extensive experience repairing twisted or deformed noses. He has double board certifications and is renowned for his natural, beautiful outcomes.

Man looking to the side while resting his face against his fist

If you have a damaged or twisted nose from an injury or other causes, come see us at Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery. Call our facility in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Sedgh to discuss your nose reshaping options.


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