Your chin is critical to your overall facial harmony. A small chin can make your nose look bigger, contributing to an imbalance in facial symmetry. That’s why a chin augmentation procedure is a great way to define your chin and give it more prominence.

If you have an underdeveloped chin or would like to improve your facial profile, having a chin implant is one way to achieve the symmetry and structure that defines facial beauty. Chin augmentation is often done together with nose surgery and facelift procedures for best results.


Chin Augmentation Before and After Comparison

This gallery shows what you can expect after a chin augmentation procedure. Also called genioplasty, the procedure provides a permanent solution to those with a weak or recessed chin. It improves proportions relative to your nose and face, improving jawline definition.

Most importantly, this chin augmentation before and after photo gallery shows how the procedure can improve the appearance of dull or double chins.

For best results, chin augmentation surgery must be carried out by a highly experienced surgeon. Dr. Sedgh has worked on all kinds of surgeries over the years, covering all ages, ethnicities, and various cosmetic concerns.

To find out if a chin augmentation or implant surgery is right for you, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Sedgh now, to understand how the procedure will help you look in your own before and after photos.