If you’re seeking rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, it is essential that you find a surgeon who understands the characteristics of your unique cultural heritage. What works for some patients may not work for those with Asian, Hispanic, or African American Heritage. A great surgeon will help meet your aesthetic needs while still honoring your cultural roots.When it comes to Asian rhinoplasty, most patients will often seek out some form of bridge augmentation or projection near the cheeks and eyes, as well as tip refinement and alar base reduction. Surgery can also help address other functional or aesthetic concerns such as breathing issues, wide nostrils, and a low nasal bridge.

An experienced surgeon will consider the overall facial structure, which for many Asian patients involves a broader face shape, under projected nose, and flatter facial profile. From there, they will work to improve symmetry, meet the client’s needs, and ensure the nose works in harmony with other facial features while still capturing the unique essence of the client’s cultural background.

Compare Asian Rhinoplasty Before and After Images

Dr. Jacob Sedgh is a renowned facial surgeon in California and has experience performing and perfecting rhinoplasty procedures for clients from various cultural backgrounds. The following Asian rhinoplasty before and after images provide a snapshot of his work and highlight his ability to achieve aesthetically pleasing results that don’t compromise on the unique Asian profile.

If you are seeking a nose job, or have questions about the unique technical skill required for a successful Asian Rhinoplasty, contact the team at Sedgh Plastic Surgery and book a consultation today. Our team wants nothing more than to help boost your confidence and protect the sanctity of your cultural heritage.