What many people don’t understand is that intricacies and approaches to a nose job change with a patient’s ethnicity. A good surgeon will perform a rhinoplasty that meets your needs; a great surgeon will carefully perform a nose job that caters to your needs while still honoring your cultural heritage and racial identity.Hispanic rhinoplasty is no exception, and many people with Spanish and Portuguese roots, such as Dominicans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, and Cubans, seek a surgeon who understands the idiosyncrasies of their unique racial profiles.

While the approach to the surgery is very similar, and many patients will wish to address common issues seen across all races, shared concerns for those of Hispanic descent include a bulbous nasal tip, wider nostrils, and broad nasal bridge. Often the skin will also be thicker in Hispanic clients, and this needs to be considered during the initial planning and completion of surgery.

Compare Hispanic Rhinoplasty Before and After Images

The following Hispanic rhinoplasty before and after photos showcase the work of Dr. Jacob Sedgh, a renowned facial surgeon with proven success performing ethnic surgery. His surgical practices work to improve the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the nose while still preserving the distinctive facial characteristics unique to your cultural background.

Dr. Sedgh has worked with a broad range of clients with Latino heritage and understands the nuances that arise with each cultural subset. For example, those with Caribbean and South American heritage typically have wider nostrils, while patients from Mexico will often have a flatter tip. In addition to the aesthetic differences, Dr. Sedgh also has a unique understanding of the functional anatomy of different ethnic backgrounds.

If you are looking to have rhinoplasty and seek the highest level of surgical skill, artistry, respect, and experience, book a consultation with Dr. Sedgh today.