Do You Need a Twisted Nose Correction?

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A plastic surgeon making marks on man's nose before correction procedure.

Symmetry is a crucial aspect of an attractive facial feature. Our brains are trained to find symmetrical faces attractive, from eyes with the same shape and size to balance proportions throughout the face. Noses are prone to injuries, and damage to the bones or cartilage can result in a crooked or twisted nose that looks asymmetrical. Not only is a twisted nose a distracting and unattractive feature but there can also be functional concerns. Twisted nose correction through rhinoplasty can resolve an asymmetrical nose and restore proper function.

A twisted nose occurs when the nose is structurally damaged, usually from an injury. Auto accidents, sports-related injuries, violence, and other trauma to the nose can damage the cartilage or bone support system within the nose. The nasal tip can twist to one side when the nose’s upper or lower supports are weakened. This is a common occurrence when a broken nose is improperly treated or does not heal correctly. Patients with a twisted nose often have nostrils that look different in shape or size, drawing too much attention to the nose.

Breathing function may be altered with a severely twisted nose. Some patients with this nose deformity may have a deviated septum, resulting in nasal obstruction that can cause snoring and increase the risk of sleep apnea. Rhinoplasty to correct a twisted nose can address cosmetic and functional issues at the time for a beautiful nose and better breathing function.

Can a Twisted Nose Be Corrected Without Surgery?

Some people with a mildly twisted nose appearance can opt to have non-surgical rhinoplasty. Certain dermal fillers can be used to change the shape of the nostrils or create a straighter appearance to the bridge or nasal tip. The results can last several months or longer until the treatment must be repeated to maintain the appearance. However, non-surgical nose jobs do not improve breathing function and may not be an option in moderate to severe deformities.

Twisted Nose Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

Dr. Jacob Sedgh is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience completing complex rhinoplasty procedures, including twisted nose correction. Septoplasty may also need to be performed with cosmetic nose reshaping surgery if there are nasal obstructions due to a deviated septum. Twisted nose rhinoplasty can require the nasal bones to be rebroken and moved, a procedure called osteotomy. Some patients may require cartilage grafting, stents, and other structural changes to achieve a beautiful, symmetrical nose that functions correctly.

Twisted nose correction can create a straight nose that looks symmetrical and balanced with your other features. If you have a crooked or twisted nose, rhinoplasty can provide better aesthetics and function. To learn more about rhinoplasty and whether it is right for you, contact our team at Sedgh Plastic Surgery. Contact our office in Los Angeles, CA, to schedule your twisted nose correction consultation.

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