Does a Nose Job Change Your Face? How Rhinoplasty Changes Your Facial Appearance

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“Does a nose job change your face?” is a common question from people who are considering rhinoplasty. Whether the need for surgery is due to an injury or accident, or a simple desire to alter your nose size or shape, a nose job guarantees a solution for you.

Because this procedure enhances the symmetry and aesthetic appearance of your nose — the central and most protruding part of the face —  it ultimately improves the overall harmony and composition of the other facial features without directly changing them.

Ways Rhinoplasty Changes Your Facial Appearance

Your surgical results can vary depending on the cosmetic or functional aspects of the procedure. The following factors determine whether your face changes — and how much — after rhinoplasty.

  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

The nose is a central feature of your face, and the projection of your nose brings together your other features. If you have a nose that’s not in proportion to the rest of your face, a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure can permanently address the aesthetic concerns you may be facing changing the look of your face to suit your desired outcome.

  • Functional Rhinoplasty

This procedure fixes any structural issues that can hamper your ability to breathe normally by repairing a deviated septum or broken nose. The surgery is mostly done inside your nose and can often be done in a way that doesn’t change the appearance of your nose. A revision rhinoplasty, a procedure that aims to resolve unsatisfactory effects from a previous nose job, also falls under this.

Does a Nose Job Change Your Face?

In the same way that your appearance can be affected by a crooked, large, or unusually curved nose, a nose job can change the look of your entire face without structurally affecting your other facial features.

Can A Nose Job Change Your Smile?

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon uses techniques that don’t hinder your ability to smile naturally. After surgery, you may notice your smile is a little different due to nasal swelling which goes away in a few days or weeks.

Experiencing a stiff upper lip after rhinoplasty is also normal because bruising and swelling from the procedure can affect the areas surrounding the nose. These effects can be expected to subside as you heal.

Does A Nose Job Change Your Lips?

In some instances, the rhinoplasty procedure can alter your upper lip position, which can change the look of the lips. Depending on the techniques used by your surgeon, and your desired final results, the upper lip may be slightly shortened or lengthened. It’s always best to discuss these potential outcomes with your surgeon before your procedure.

Does A Nose Job Change Your Eyes?

The surgery may change the appearance of your face. However, your eyes structurally remain the same. The surgery creates facial harmony bringing out the features of your face including your eyes.

Does A Rhinoplasty Last Forever?

An expertly executed nose job lasts a lifetime, only being affected by the natural aging process. Due to aging, your nose may mildly alter in shape and size. The procedure is permanent unless you sustain facial trauma so it’s always advised that you’re careful during physical activity.

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