Does Buccal Fat Removal Age You? Here is What You Should Know

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Buccal fat removal minimizes your cheeks and defines your facial angles by removing the buccal fat pad that’s located below your cheekbones. Also called cheek surgery or buccal lipectomy, this procedure is very popular among cherub-cheeked people who want a more chiseled look.

If you’ve considered removing your buccal fat for a more defined look, you may have thought “does buccal fat removal age you?” Thankfully, the short answer is, no – read on to find out why.

Does buccal fat removal age you?

We’re asked all the time if buccal fat removal gives an aged or gaunt appearance and we can answer with confidence that we’ve never seen a case that caused somebody to look older. Some people do have a small cheekbone structure that might cause an unbalanced look after a buccal fat removal procedure: however, we are trained to identify this and would advise you on different options or to have cheekbone dermal fillers to help aesthetically support the face.

There’s no anatomical reason that buccal fat removal would cause an aged look because there’s no connection between your skin, your facial ligaments, and the buccal fat pad. This means the buccal pad does not provide any support to your facial structure, so removal does not change any of the structural integrity of your face. In fact, the weight of an intact buccal pad could actually pull downwards on the mid-face structure, so if anything, retaining them may cause more aging than having them removed!

From a visual standpoint, the effects are subtle and definitely don’t give you a hollowed-out look. Having said that, the procedure does make a huge difference to a person’s overall appearance.

When do you see results after buccal fat removal?

This quick and easy surgery is minimally invasive, with incisions made on the inside of your mouth ensuring no visible scarring or pitting. Recovery is very fast, taking only around 24 hours before you can resume your usual activities. The length of time it takes before you see the final results will vary, but it generally takes about two to three weeks for all the swelling to recede.

What else should I know about cheek surgery?

We’ve answered a few frequently asked questions about buccal fat removal, below:

Am I a good candidate for the procedure?

You’re a good candidate if you’re generally healthy, a non-smoker, have a stable weight, and aren’t happy with the appearance of your cheeks. You also need to have realistic expectations and a suitable cheekbone structure.

Is buccal fat removal permanent?

Yes. Fat removed during the procedure does not regenerate; however, weight loss or gain may result in differences in other areas of your face, which may affect the overall appearance of your cheeks.

Are there complications from buccal fat removal?

Complications are very rare and the same as any minor surgery. There is the potential for facial nerve or salivary gland damage with an unskilled surgeon.

What age can you get buccal fat removal?

It’s recommended to wait until the age of 20 before considering this procedure.

Does buccal fat removal improve jowls?

Yes. While there are other procedures that specifically target jowls, buccal fat removal slims just above the jowl area and can reduce the weight of the cheeks causing jowls.

Understanding the results before we get started

Here at Sedgh Plastic Surgery, we take great care to ensure you understand the results before we even get started, to prevent any nasty surprises. If you’re not satisfied with the results as time goes on though, there are volume replacement options available that can help you regain volume or rejuvenate the area.

Contact Dr. Sedgh for a chat or book a consultation to see the amazing potential a buccal fat removal procedure could have for you.

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