How to Change a Short or Over-Rotated Nose

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The ideal nose blends with your other facial features and does not draw too much attention. When a nose is short or upturned, it draws the eyes to the exposed nostrils and “pig-like” appearance. This nose shape is referred to as an “over-rotated nasal tip,” meaning the tip of the nose is turned upward. Rhinoplasty is the best way to lengthen and reshape a short or over-rotated nose for improved facial balance.

What Causes a “Pig Nose?”

Some people are born with short or upturned noses, a genetic trait that runs in their family. This nose shape is often why teenagers and young adults seek a nose job at a young age, as it is a very distracting feature. However, the majority of individuals with over-rotated noses were not born with them but obtained them due to secondary causes, including the following circumstances:

  • Broken nose from violence, sports, or accidents
  • Previous rhinoplasty – if too much cartilage is removed, it can result in a saddle or pig nose
  • Cartilage or septum damage caused by diseases, drugs, or other factors.

Regardless of what causes a short or over-rotated nose, rhinoplasty is the solution. A mildly over-rotated or upturned nose may be resolved with non-surgical rhinoplasty using cosmetic injections, but this is a temporary solution. More severe upward rotations will need surgical reshaping and repair to create the desired appearance.

Pig Nose Rhinoplasty

Short or over-rotated noses are more than an aesthetic concern – many people with these noses also have nasal obstructions that impact their breathing. A collapsed septum can result in snoring. Sleep apnea and other breathing concerns. To create a functional and desirable nose shape, advanced rhinoplasty techniques are used.

The methods used to change the nose shape for short or pig noses depend on the cause and configuration of the nose structure. Almost all of these procedures will require cartilage grafts to extend the nasal bridge or repair collapsed nasal walls or septum. This is a very complex form of rhinoplasty as the nose structure must be rebuilt and strengthened, as well as reshaped for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Short Nose Rhinoplasty

Since many patients seeking short or over-rotated nose rhinoplasty have already had plastic surgery, it is crucial to choose the right plastic surgeon to fix this condition. You want a plastic surgeon that has extensive experience and success performing difficult nose jobs and an excellent track record. Dr. Jacob Sedgh is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon that has earned a pristine reputation for his surgical skills and artistry. He has decades of experience and thousands of satisfied patients that have attested to his fantastic outcomes.

You do not need to live with an upturned nose that distracts from your other facial features. To learn more about surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty for short or over-rotated noses, contact Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery in West Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA area.

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