How to Correct a Droopy Tip with Rhinoplasty

Mirror 3D Imaging
woman touching nose after rhinoplasty

There are several potential causes of a drooping nose. In some cases, this is a condition that is present at birth. However, your nose tip may begin to droop more as you age or as the result of an injury. When you smile, the muscles controlling the upper lip can pull on structures supporting the nose tip.

Weakening or breakdown of cartilage in the nose is the most common cause of a drooping tip. When collagen production is reduced due to natural aging, the nose is one of the structures that will experience visible changes. Drooping of the nose tip is often one of the more noticeable transformations.

Most people associate this natural aging process with the belief that the nose never stops growing. This effect is largely due to subdermal structures no longer benefiting from the support of healthy collagen production. Some people are more susceptible to drooping tip because of differences in cartilage arrangement in the nose, which varies from person to person.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

A cosmetic rhinoplasty is used to make improvements to the aesthetic structures of the nose. By altering size, proportions and providing structural support, Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery can correct drooping tip of the nose. This type of treatment also restores balance and symmetry between the nose and other facial features.

You may not like the way the tip of your nose appears to be changing, depending on different facial expressions. At his West Hollywood offices, Dr. Jacob Sedgh can use mirror 3D imaging to let you see potential results before committing to any procedures.

In conjunction with other techniques, rhinoplasty also offers practical applications. If you are suffering from breathing problems related to nasal structure degeneration, seek help from Dr. Sedgh at his Los Angeles clinic.

Patients at Dr. Sedgh Facial Plastic Surgery benefit from a full consultation, using advanced technologies to accurately predict outcomes. You can try on a new face with mirror 3D imaging, while receiving recommendations from a double board-certified plastic surgeon.

Call Dr. Sedgh today to book a consultation with a specialist in cosmetic rhinoplasty.

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