How to Fix a Broken Nose After Years of No Treatment

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When a broken nose requires professional medical treatment, the sooner it can be fixed, the better. However, what can be done for old nose injuries that have occurred years ago?

Can Old Nose Injuries be Fixed?

Yes. Depending on the severity of the damage, surgery can help treat some years-old nose injuries. There are cases in which old nose fractures cannot be fixed, such as when the patient has other health issues that make it dangerous to undergo surgery, or if the nose has healed unevenly or in a way that corrective surgery would be harmful.

How to Fix a Broken Nose After Years: Rhinoplasty

Ideally, a broken nose should be seen and repaired by a doctor within 14 days of when the injury occurred. If the damage is minor, such as simple broken bones or displacements, a doctor can do manual realignment to fix the nose. Otherwise, a corrective surgical procedure may be required.

But what is the procedure on how to fix a broken nose after years since the original injury? The answer is rhinoplasty.

A corrective rhinoplasty procedure will likely be performed to repair a years-old broken nose. The process will typically involve various surgical and medical techniques to reshape or straighten the nose and realign the bones.

If you are unsure if your old nose injury is a candidate for a rhinoplasty treatment, consult a doctor for an assessment.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Rhinoplasty

If you are considering undergoing nose surgery to correct an old fracture or injury, one of the crucial parts of the process is choosing the right surgeon. You will want to be under the care of an experienced plastic surgeon with excellent credentials and training, like Dr. Jacob Sedgh. Contact us today to learn more about our rhinoplasty services and how Dr. Sedgh can help you.

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