How to Fix a Flat Nose With and Without Surgery

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Flat nose surgery

If you’re unhappy with the height of your nose and would like to achieve a more refined nasal bridge that complements the rest of your features, then you have  surgical and non-surgical options available to you.

While, of course, there is nothing wrong with having a flatter nose, many people may choose to seek out ways to help improve the overall balance and aesthetic of their face.

Why is my nose flat?

Nose shape varies widely from person to person and is influenced by genetics, ethnicity, trauma-based injuries, and infection at birth.

A flat nose is generally a result of a lower nasal bridge, which is the bony part at the top of the nose where glasses would sit. The nasal bridge is lower for many people, particularly those of Asian or African descent, leading to a flatter side profile and broader nasal base.

Unless caused by injury or trauma, a flat nose or low nasal bridge should not cause any health or breathing issues. Many choose to undergo procedures simply to enhance their profile and add dimension to the rest of the face.

How to fix a flat nose – What are your options?

If you seek a cosmetic change to your nose, there are both surgical and non-surgical options available.

Surgical Options

Nose surgery, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, is the only way to achieve permanent change to your nose shape and size. Rhinoplasty is a common procedure among patients of Asian descent. The surgeon can perform a range of techniques such as bridge augmentation, tip refinement, and alar base reduction during a single surgery.

When it comes to adding height to the nasal bridge, it’s essential you seek out a highly qualified surgeon that understands the complicated anatomy of the face and nose. They will assess your unique features and aesthetic goals to formulate a surgical plan to insert an implant or cartilage graft to elevate the nasal bridge.

After surgery, you will experience bruising and swelling, and it is recommended you take around two weeks off work. While it can take up to 12 months for the nose to be completely healed, you can trust that the procedure is permanent and won’t require touch-ups.

Non-Surgical Options

Not keen on going under the knife? Can a flat nose be reshaped without surgery? The answer is yes!

Liquid rhinoplasty is a non-invasive alternative to surgery that uses dermal fillers to enhance the nasal bridge. The procedure is completed in 15-20 minutes, and the filler will last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

While you may experience mild swelling and bruising, most patients don’t require downtime after surgery.

Choose the Right Option for You

If you’re unhappy with the shape of your nose and are unsure what options will help you achieve your desired results, book a consultation with Dr. Jacob Sedgh today. With over 20 years of experience in facial surgery, he will assist you in making an informed decision that will best suit your needs and wants.

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