How to Get a Thinner Face – Four Tips

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Every day, a new trend promises to slim your face and create model-like contours. To clear up any confusion, we’ve highlighted the most effective ways for you to achieve a thinner, more refined face.

Looking after your body means looking after your face

Unfortunately, we can’t get shapewear or Spanx for our face, nor can we do a workout and tell our body to target the face specifically. Don’t fret, though; if you are pondering how to get a thinner face, there are a few things experts recommend and endorse.

Drink more water

Our bodies will retain water if we are dehydrated, leading to fluid retention and bloating. Drinking eight glasses of water a day will help flush out toxins and reduce bloating.

Tip: swap the wine for some water to prevent alcohol-triggered bloating and weight gain in the face!

Step up your fitness regime

Increasing your heart rate with aerobic exercise will promote weight loss and help achieve a thinner face. It’s important to diversify your fitness with cardio and weight-based training to build long, lean muscles and speed up your metabolism.

Faster metabolism = weight loss = thinner face.

Realign your diet

Try to avoid meals that cause bloating like fried, greasy, sugary, carbonated, and salty food. Instead, focus on eating green vegetables, healthy fats, and plenty of fiber, so you feel fuller for longer. Salt also triggers fluid retention in the body, so consider reducing your sodium intake each day.

Consider surgery

If you have tried all of these and are still unhappy with your face shape, surgery such as buccal fat removal is a great way to achieve a more desirable, thinner face.

Expert advice on how to get a thinner face

Every face is unique, so the solution that worked for someone else may not be the best fit for you. If you are looking for a more refined and contoured facial structure, the best thing for you to do is speak to an expert like Dr. Sedgh.

To learn about his services, both surgical and non-surgical, book an appointment at our clinic today.

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