How to Reduce a Double Chin

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Our skin loses its natural elasticity as we age. It can get loose due to changes in weight, natural pulling and stretching, and a delicate facial structure, bones, and fat. Other factors such as smoking, sun exposure, and the natural pull of gravity can also lead to saggy skin. Loose skin eventually pools to various parts of the body and usually occurs below the chin, resulting in a double chin.

A double chin or submental fat occurs when a layer of fat forms under one’s chin. Pre-platysmal submental fat makes up around 70% of this excess fat. It can be found between the skin and the muscles between an individual’s collarbone and jaw (platysma). Double chin fat also forms between chin muscles, bones, and tendons.

If you feel bothered by this particular condition, you can reduce it using the various methods enumerated below.

What Causes a Double Chin?

Several factors can cause a double chin. One should take note of these factors before trying any method of double chin removal. Some of these causes include but are not limited to the following:


Extra or loose skin can appear on one’s body due to loss of skin elasticity which happens naturally as the body ages. Saggy skin due to aging can cause a double chin.

Diet & Weight

Weight gain can also contribute to a double chin. A high-calorie diet, for example, can induce weight gain and a double chin. The diet can even cause a double chin as well if it contains processed food and unhealthy fats.


The natural formation of a double chin can be a genetic issue. Individuals can develop double chins if they have a family history of skin with little elasticity or naturally have double chins as they age.


Neck and chin muscles can deteriorate due to poor posture which can eventually cause a double chin. If one does not use these muscles regularly, the surrounding skin will lose its elasticity.

Medical Conditions

Particular underlying medical conditions can occasionally cause the formation of a double chin. Some of these conditions include:

  • Salivary gland inflammation – Our salivary glands can produce up to a full quart of saliva every day, and it might not drain properly from the glands on certain occasions. Swelling in this particular area can be caused by salivary stones, gland infection, and gland inflammation. These issues can play a part in the appearance of a double chin.
  • Hypothyroidism – A double chin can also occasionally occur due to excessive or inadequate amounts of hormones. Submental fullness is commonly the result of hypothyroidism. This specific condition happens when the thyroid gland produces insufficient hormones. It can cause noticeable weight gain all over one’s body and neck.

How Can You Reduce a Double Chin?

You can decrease the appearance of your double chin by trying the following methods:

Chin Exercises

People have devised a lot of easy double chin exercises that target neck and facial muscles. Neck and facial fat can be burnt when you work these muscles out which can be the key to double chin reduction. If you want to get rid of your double chin, the following exercises may help:

  • Straight jaw juts: Tilt your head backward and look towards the ceiling. Then push your lower jaw forward. Maintain this pose up to 10 counts. Once you’re done, relax your jaw and get your head back to a neutral position.
  • Ball exercise: Place a 9” to 10” ball below your chin, then press your chin against the ball. Repeat this exercise every day for 25 times.
  • Tongue stretch: Stick your tongue out as far as you can while looking straight ahead. Then lift it towards your nose. Maintain this position for 10 seconds, then release.
  • Neck stretch: Tilt your head backward and look towards the ceiling. Then, press your tongue against your mouth’s roof. Maintain this position for 5-10 seconds, then release.

Weight Loss Through a Healthy Diet & Exercise

A double chin due to weight gain can be reduced or eliminated by losing weight. Eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise are the best weight loss methods. For a well-balanced diet, you can start by following some of these guidelines:

  • Consume four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruits every day
  • Avoid eating processed and fried foods
  • Consume lean protein and healthy fats
  • Cut down on sugar
  • Practice portion control

Performing moderate physical activity up to 300 minutes per week or around 45 minutes every day is also advised for increased weight loss. You can also perform strength training twice a week.

Double Chin Treatments

The following surgical treatments can also help decrease double chin appearance:

  • Lipolysis – This procedure melts away fat and contours the skin using liposuction or laser heat. Surgeons often need a local anesthetic for double chin treatment when using this approach. Swelling, bruising, and pain are just some of the side effects of this treatment.
  • Mesotherapy – Mesotherapy uses a series of injections to provide patients with small amounts of fat-dissolving compounds.
  • Kybella – Surgeons use this injectable drug in performing mesotherapy. Kybella or deoxycholic acid aids in body fat absorption. Double chin treatments through this procedure can take 20 or more injections per treatment.
  • Face and neck lifts – Doctors can eliminate fat and sagging skin that surrounds one’s chin and neck through facelifts which can help get rid of a double chin. There are also numerous types of neck lifts that can enhance neck and chin contours. These procedures can either eliminate extra skin or stretch neck muscles.

How Long Does it Take for a Double Chin to Decrease?

It is best to be patient when attempting double chin removal, whether you are using natural or surgical methods. A double chin will not disappear overnight unless you undergo extensive surgical procedures such as liposuction or lipolysis. The condition may become less visible within a few months depending on the size of your double chin.

On the other hand, body weight can decrease equally through a healthy diet and regular exercise, making a double chin reduction possible. Otherwise, you can ask a doctor if you can opt for a surgical double chin treatment to yield faster results.

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