Is Button Nose Rhinoplasty Possible?

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young woman getting button nose rhinoplasty

Yes, button nose rhinoplasty is the ideal way to regain that youthful look. Most of us have cute little button noses when we’re children, but just like most physical attributes, our noses change quite a bit as we get older. This is usually fine – people’s noses tend to match their faces, and we believe all noses are beautiful – but if you can’t reconcile your natural nose with the way you want to look, you may be considering button nose surgery.

You’re not alone either. While rhinoplasty (nose surgery) was first mentioned officially in 1887, there have been instances of nose modification throughout history. For instance, in 1450, Federico, Duke of Urbino, had his nose deliberately cut away at the top to help him see out of his eye (having lost his other eye during a tourney). Since then, rhinoplasty technology has improved dramatically, with modern techniques making it a safe, effective process for both function and aesthetics.


Is a button nose job right for me?

If you’re uncomfortable with the way your nose looks, or it has been damaged in an accident, it’s not an easy feature to hide or change without medical intervention. Rhinoplasty requires you to be generally healthy and mentally prepared, so if this is you, a button nose job might be worth considering.


Are button noses attractive?

A button nose refers to a small nose that has a slightly upturned tip. This nose shape is considered very attractive and is the most-requested shape. If you already have a button nose and desire a different shape, you can also have a nose job on a button nose to make it a slimmer, wider, or more masculine or feminine form.


How is button nose rhinoplasty performed?

While under general anesthesia, your surgeon will make a very small incision along the base of your nose, which allows for access to the bones and cartilage. Your nose will then be reshaped with very careful adjustments to the cartilage and bones before all incisions are closed up. The minimal external incision size means you’ll have almost no visible scarring.


Your button nose after rhinoplasty

There will be some pain and discomfort after the procedure. The nose is a very sensitive organ that visibly reacts to trauma, so you’ll have swelling and bruising for at least a week. Having said that, painkillers, rest, ice, and gentle nasal cleansing will reduce the discomfort considerably. A small cast will protect your nose during healing time and splints (thin, bendable plastic sheets) are put into your nostrils to support the septum. These are usually removed after a week.

After this, you can return to work/school and general daily activities, such as light non-contact exercise. After two weeks, you will feel fairly normal, but rough activities should be avoided for up to six weeks minimum.

If you’re not happy with your nose, you can rest assured that button nose rhinoplasty is safe, works well, and is widely performed. Contact us today for a friendly talk about your options. We look forward to helping you minimize your worries and emphasize your beautiful features.

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