Pinning Your Ears Back: Surgical and Non-Surgical Setback Otoplasty

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People often consider getting cosmetic ear surgery if they feel self-conscious about how prominent or protruding their ears are. Ear pinning is one of the otoplasty types that focuses on pinning back or flattening the ears against the head for an aesthetically better, symmetrical appearance. Pinning your ears back can be done surgically or non-surgically.

Pinning Your Ears Back With and Without Surgery

There are surgical and non-surgical options to correct protruding ears. Modern otoplasty prioritizes making the procedure as simple and comfortable as possible for the patient without decreasing downtime and increasing the risk of complications.

Traditional Ear Pinning Surgery

Ear pinning surgery at Sedgh Plastic Surgery involves techniques in correcting the antihelical fold and reducing the conchal cartilage. The procedure begins with an incision behind the ear, particularly the area of the natural fold connecting the ear and head. The surgeon will then augment the prominence of the ear by changing the external structure and creating an antihelical fold. Permanent sutures will then be put in place to produce a natural-looking, well-formed antihelix.

There are some cases with unique needs and circumstances that may call for custom ear surgeries.

Non-surgical Ear Pinning Procedure

Instead of utilizing incisions and removing skin and cartilage to correct misshapen or prominent ears, non-surgical ear pinning generally involves permanent sutures to pin the ears back, forcing the cartilage to adjust to the new placement.

Choosing the Best Ear Pinning Procedure for You

If you are unsure whether to undergo a surgical or non-surgical procedure to correct your ears, it is best to speak to your surgeon about it. Learning your motivations, needs, and expectations will allow them to decide on the ideal method and surgical techniques for your desired outcome.

Feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sedgh today to learn more and prepare for your cosmetic ear surgery.

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