Protruding Ear Correction – Its Risks and Complications

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Asymmetrical, misshapen, and prominent ears are typically a source of self-esteem issues for individuals who have them. Kids who have large ears are, more often than not, a target of teasing. However, with otoplasty or protruding ear correction surgery, these people are given an opportunity to alter their ear structure.

Otoplasty provides a myriad of benefits for the patients who undergo the procedure. By achieving natural-looking, corrected ear structures, the patient attains improved symmetry and overall facial appearance. In turn, this change in appearance can boost the individual’s confidence in social situations. Since otoplasty is permanent, patients can also enjoy long-lasting surgical results, not having to worry about being self-conscious of the appearance of their ears anymore.

The Risks of Protruding Ear Correction Surgery

However, as some methods of ear correction— such as ear pinning surgery— involve incisions, it is normal for many to feel wary of the risks of the procedure. Besides  general surgery-related risks such as anesthetic complications and allergies, otoplasty has specific risks and complications, which include:

  • Bleeding and dehydration, which are more common in children
  • Unwanted, abnormal, or asymmetrical scarring
  • Accidental removal of sutures
  • Blood clots
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Delayed healing for the wound
  • Ear asymmetry
  • Irregularities in skin contour
  • Skin discoloration or swelling

Minimizing the Risk with the Right Surgeon

Ear surgery requires precision to achieve your desired aesthetic and symmetry. That is why it is critical to choose the right surgeon for the procedure— to minimize otoplasty risks and attain optimal surgical results.

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