Rhinoplasty for Wide Nose — Reshaping Your Nose with Surgery

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Lady with plaster on nose, doctor examining patients face after plastic surgery

The nose is the central and most prominent feature on your face—if you’re not happy with your nose, there’s a chance you’ll feel dissatisfied and self-conscious about your whole appearance.

Some of the specific concerns of large noses include a flat or wide nasal tip, broad nose bridge, or wide nostrils. Fortunately, modern cosmetic medicine offers an option to decrease the size of your nose or reconstruct its shape, with the possibility of addressing a wide range of concerns.

With rhinoplasty surgery, your nose can be altered into a proportionate and attractive-looking shape that complements your face and makes you feel more confident with your looks.

Who seeks rhinoplasty for wide nose?

Wide nose rhinoplasty is a popular aesthetic surgical treatment for certain people, including:

Latino & Hispanic

A common trait for Latinos is a nose with thick skin, a bulbous tip, nasal humps, and wide nostrils, though there are still varying nuances between the different Hispanic communities. A targeted rhinoplasty procedure that takes the unique Latino facial anatomy and ethnicity into account is required for the best aesthetic outcome: Latino rhinoplasty.


Ethnicity aside, female rhinoplasty surgery is also a popular option for women who want to improve the appearance of their nose. The ideal female nose makes a woman’s face appear more delicate and feminine. Noses that are smaller, shorter, and have a slightly scooped nose bridge and an upturned tip are common expectations when considering rhinoplasty.


While a nose job is commonly a beautification procedure for women, men can also reap the benefits of a reshaped and resized nose to enhance their masculine facial features. Male rhinoplasty is a much more complex surgery, hence the need for an experienced plastic surgeon to sculpt the nose into a refined shape while retaining facial masculinity.

Narrowing large noses with surgery

Your plastic surgeon can use several techniques depending on your needs and desired outcome, though rhinoplasty for wide nose surgery primarily focuses on restructuring the nasal bone. Cartilage reshaping may be done to improve the nose tip shape, and wedge excisions, sill excisions, or a combination of the two are commonly used when narrowing the nasal base and reshaping the nostril flare.

Overall, wide nose rhinoplasty can:

  • Improve nose and facial symmetry
  • Decrease overall nose size
  • Smooth out nasal bumps
  • Reduce the bulbous nasal tip
  • Make the nostrils narrower
  • Make the nose straighter

However, it is worth noting that there is no perfect nose shape, and the ideal nose should be relative to the patient’s facial proportions, regardless of ethnicity and gender—which is why an individualized approach is always recommended for the procedure.

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