What are the Long-Term Symptoms of a Broken Nose?

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A nasal fracture, or broken nose, is any crack or fracture in the bony portion of the nose as a result of trauma. The severity of the break will often determine the type of treatment required, and in some cases, when left untreated, the long-term symptoms of a broken nose can result in several health and lifestyle issues.

Potential Long-Term Symptoms of a Broken Nose

There are two types of nasal fractures – displaced and non-displaced. A displaced fracture occurs when the bone is completely broken in two or more places, shifting and misaligning its position in the nose. A non-displaced fracture occurs when the bone cracks but maintains proper alignment.

While a displaced fracture can generally lead to more complications, any trauma to the nose can lead to long-term cosmetic and functional side effects. In most cases, your doctor will wait for swelling to subside, after which they can adequately examine the nose and recommend treatment options. This follow-up examination should not be delayed for more than seven days otherwise the bone can begin to set in a deformed state.

More Complications When Left Untreated

Further to possible deformity, when left entirely untreated or not treated correctly, a broken nose can lead to:

  • Changes in size and shape
  • Trouble breathing
  • Nasal congestion
  • A deviated, shifted, or perforated septum
  • Ongoing nose and sinus infections, with the risk of more severe infections like meningitis
  • Sleeping issues and snoring problems
  • Higher risk and sensitivity to allergies
  • Persisting pain and nosebleeds

With this in mind, if you suffer trauma to your nose and suspect a break, it is always recommended that you seek medical advice.

Seek Treatment from an Expert You Can Trust

If you have recently broken your nose or have been living with the long-term effects, rhinoplasty or nose surgery is an excellent way to relieve you of unwanted cosmetic and functional symptoms.

Dr. Sedgh is a renowned facial surgeon that has helped countless patients relieve unwanted symptoms related to a broken nose. Contact him to schedule an appointment and learn more about how he can help you today.

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