The nose is an integral part of the face that dramatically affects how someone looks. While some individuals have perfectly straight and symmetrical noses, others may have a bump or hump on the bridge of their noses.

This nose hump, also known as a dorsal hump, is a common cosmetic concern for many people. This article will explore the causes of nose humps and the available treatment options.

What Is the Cause of a Nose Hump?

The nasal bone and cartilage determine the shape and size of the nose. A nose hump is caused by an overgrowth of the nasal bone or cartilage, resulting in a prominent bump on the bridge of the nose. This overgrowth can be caused by genetics, trauma or a medical condition.


The shape and size of the nose are often inherited traits. For example, if one or both of your parents have a nose hump, there is a higher chance of you having one, too.


An injury or trauma to the nose, such as a broken nose, can result in the formation of a nose hump. Because of the injury, the bone or cartilage in the nose grows in an odd way, leaving a visible bump.

Medical Condition

Some medical conditions can also lead to the development of a nose hump. For instance, a condition called rhinophyma, a subtype of rosacea, causes the nose to enlarge and develop a bulbous, hump-like appearance.

Treatment Options for Nose Humps

Several treatment options are available if you are unhappy with your face’s appearance because of your nose hump.

Non-Surgical Options

Fillers, contouring makeup or nasal splints can be used instead of surgery to reduce the look of the nasal hump. Dr. Jacob Sedgh offers injections of hyaluronic acid or other dermal fillers to smooth out the bump on the nose.

Surgical Options

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that can change the size and shape of the nose. It can also reduce the size of a nose hump. During the process, Dr. Sedgh will make incisions and remove or reshape the extra bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty is an effective and permanent solution but requires significant downtime and recovery.

Scheduling a Rhinoplasty Consultation

If your nose hump impacts your self-confidence and you want a long-lasting solution, rhinoplasty is an option. Alternatively, you can opt for a non-surgical treatment. Call Dr. Sedgh to schedule a consultation and determine which option is most suitable for you.

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