Why Would Someone Want Forehead Contouring?

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Although the procedure is more commonly associated with men, forehead contouring is performed on both sexes to create a more feminine face outline. Women sometimes have too masculine features that detract from their otherwise feminine appearance. Examples of such qualities are an angular face, a sharp chin and a high brow.

Forehead contouring can be part of feminization surgery or it can address issues such as a broad or sloping forehead, a prominent brow ridge and an otherwise bumpy or uneven forehead. The technique helps you get the forehead shape you want and makes your face look more elegant, delicate and balanced.

Dr. Jacob Sedgh’s skill as an artist and surgeon leaves his patients in good hands with forehead contouring. He is known for his ability to produce beautiful, subtle modifications.

How Forehead Contouring Works

In most cases, the brow bone is osteotomized (cut to shorten or lengthen or change its alignment) and reconstructed to minimize the forehead size. The orbital bones (which surround the eyes) could also be remodeled to alter brow form.

Bone paste (made from recycled bone) or synthetic material that is biologically compatible may be utilized to replace any voids or depressions in the area. As soon as everything is in order, Dr. Sedgh will carefully use sutures to seal the incision to reduce the appearance of scarring.

Although most people can go home the same day of their forehead reshaping surgery, some may need to spend the night for observation. Your first postoperative appointment will be scheduled five days after surgery, at which time he will remove the sutures.

Reasons To Consider Forehead Contouring

Each part of the face and head contributes to the overall effect of a softer, more refined appearance. Therefore, paying attention to all these details is essential for optimal facial feminization outcomes.

The male forehead is more extensive, with bony ridges and prominent orbital rims that frequently slope forward. With forehead contouring, these bones can be shaved down for a flatter, smoother and rounder appearance that is more in line with traditionally feminine features.

The benefits of forehead contouring include the following:

  • Flatter, rounder bone shapes
  • Natural, seamless outcome
  • Improved self-esteem in one’s appearance

After surgery, Dr. Sedgh always follows up with his patients personally. He will plan several follow-up sessions (by video conference or in person) beginning the day following surgery and continuing for up to a year to assess and track your recovery. Please contact our office if you want to know more about the procedure.

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