If you find yourself looking in the mirror and noticing deep furrows and wrinkles in your forehead and brows, then a brow lift may be the solution for you. A brow or forehead lift uses small incisions to reduce and remove horizontal wrinkles, excess fatty tissue, deep furrows, and overly saggy skin.


A brow lift completed by a highly qualified and skillful surgeon will leave you feeling rejuvenated and youthful, removing that perpetually grumpy expression and, quite literally, turning that frown upside down.


The surgery is a popular option for those between the ages of 40 and 65, especially if the effects of aging have led to droopy skin, deep frown lines, and wrinkles. With this in mind, younger patients can still undergo a brow lift, especially if they are unhappy with wrinkles formed due to stress, overactive muscles, genetics, or those wanting to address asymmetrical brows.


Compare Brow Lift Before and After Images

While the procedure is relatively short, a certain level of expertise is required to ensure a natural-looking result with minimal scarring. These brow lift before and after images highlight the meticulous work of Dr. Jacob Sedgh, a double-board certified facial surgeon with over 20 years of experience.


During your initial consultations, Dr. Sedgh will work to understand your cosmetic and functional goals before curating a personalized surgery plan. Several surgical techniques are available, such as coronal, endoscopic, trichophytic, temporal, direct, and trans-blepharoplasty. The technique used will depend on your unique anatomy, skin texture, hair loss pattern, and degree of drooping. A brow lift can also be combined with other surgeries, like a facelift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery.


If you are seeking rejuvenated facial harmony to restore your confidence, book a consultation at Sedgh Plastic Surgery today.