If you have previously undertaken surgery on your nose and are unhappy with the results, then you may be a candidate for revision rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty is performed to help enhance the appearance and improve any functionality concerns resulting from prior surgery. Consider revision rhinoplasty if you are experiencing concerns such as a build-up of scar tissue, unwanted bumps or bulges, cartilage or bone collapse, asymmetrical appearance, inadequate tissue removal, breathing issues, or general unhappiness with the results of your initial surgery.

The extent of what can and cannot be modified varies from patient to patient and often depends on your unique facial structure, skin type, and your previous rhinoplasty surgery. Consultation with an experienced surgeon will give you a good idea of what results you can expect to achieve.

Compare Revision Rhinoplasty Before and After Images

Revision rhinoplasty is an incredibly complex procedure that should only be performed by an experienced surgeon. Dr. Jacob Sedgh is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in revision rhinoplasty and genuine care for the well-being of his patients.

The following revision rhinoplasty before and after photos provide a glimpse into Dr. Sedgh’s previous work and demonstrate how complex the procedure can be. What these photos fail to show is the genuine improvements in patients’ ability to breathe clearly and feel confident in their appearance. When it comes to revision rhinoplasty, millimeters can make a difference, and your surgeon’s depth of knowledge and experience is critical.

It’s important to note that each revision rhinoplasty surgery is unique. While looking at pictures is helpful, the best way to alleviate your concerns and determine if you are a candidate for the procedure is to schedule a consultation today.