Do You Have Wide Nostrils? Nose Reshaping Can Help

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Wide nostrils are typically caused by genetics, whether inherited by someone else in your family or a common physical feature of your ethnicity. If the shape of your nose is well proportioned to your face, but the alar base is broader in comparison, a reshaping procedure may help restore balance. Alarplasty is a common facial plastic surgery technique used to accomplish this.

What is Alarplasty?

Alarplasty, or alar base rhinoplasty, is nose correction surgery focused on the nostrils and tip of the nose. This is the best choice for many patients who have an otherwise symmetrical nose that matches well with their other facial features. When the base of the nose, including the nostrils, are wider than you’d like or detract from the overall balanced appearance of your face, your facial plastic surgeon may recommend alarplasty.

What Can Alar Base Rhinoplasty Do?

If you and your surgeon both agree that alar base rhinoplasty is right for you, what can you expect? They may seem like modest changes in the size and shape of a very small area of your face, but those changes can profoundly affect your overall appearance.

  • Create symmetry: If the tip of the nose or nostrils aren’t symmetrical, alarplasty can help with a more aesthetically even shape.
  • Restore balance: Wide nostrils may not match the size and shape of other facial features, making them more prominent.
  • Improve function: If the shape of the base of your nose or nostrils affects your breathing, alarplasty may help.
  • Overall appearance: Feel better about your look by adjusting the size and shape of the tip of your nose and nostrils to something that better matches your face shape and other facial features.
  • Build self-esteem: When you are more confident with your appearance, you can start to build confidence that can affect your personal life, relationships, and career.

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