High Nose Bridge vs. Low: Finding Facial Harmony with Rhinoplasty

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High nose bridge

The nose is one of the most prominent features on the face and, for many, it can be one of the most significant pain points when looking in the mirror. In particular, many patients are unhappy with the shape and height of their nasal bridge and are left pondering the pros and cons of a flat nose vs. high nose.

While there is no right or wrong shape, ideally, most people want their nose to blend seamlessly with the rest of their facial features, highlighting their eyes while subtly capturing the essence of their ethnicity.

How do I know if I have a low bridge nose?

Your nasal bridge is the bony part at the top of your nose that generally protrudes slightly. For many people of Asian, African, or Hispanic descent, this part will be flatter, commonly referred to as a flat or low nasal bridge.

While much of your nose and bridge shape will come down to genetics, and higher bridges are standard in Caucasian adults of Roman or Greek descent, but injury, disorders, and infections can impact the final shape.

If you’re not sure if you have a high nose bridge vs. low, take a look in the mirror. If your pupils align with the bridge, that is generally considered a low bridge; if it sits above the pupils, you have a higher bridge.

How to get a higher nose bridge?

Many people choose to undergo surgery to obtain a higher bridge, as it can help make the nose seem longer and refine the tip. High nose bridge surgery is known as rhinoplasty and is achieved by using an implant or a continuous segment of cartilage.

While having a lower bridge should not impact the functionality or your ability to breathe, it is popular to see ethnic patients seek a surgeon specializing in high nose bridge Asian, Hispanic, or South American augmentation.

Depending on the shape of your nose, non-surgical techniques such as filler can also be used to build up and refine the bridge and tip without going under the knife.

How to get a lower nose bridge?

If you feel self-conscious about a bigger nose or higher bridge, rhinoplasty is the best option to reduce the size and proportions in line with the rest of the face.

Alternatively, if you have an excessive bump, fillers may also be used to even out the surrounding areas to create the appearance of a straight, smooth nose.

High Nose Bridge vs. Low – Speak to a Surgical Expert

If you’re seeking a more refined, well-proportioned nose that compliments your profile, then take some time to speak with an experienced surgeon you can trust, like Dr. Jacob Sedgh.

The nose is an incredibly complex structure, and there is a certain level of skill and artistry required to perfect rhinoplasty. Dr. Sedgh has over 20 years of experience working with patients from various ethnicities to create their perfect nose.

If you’re interested, book a consultation at Sedgh Plastic Surgery today.

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