How to Lose Cheek Fat – Top Tips

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While chubby cheeks are often a sign of a youthful complexion, many would prefer a more sculpted appearance. Generally, chubby cheeks will fade as we age; however, factors such as genetics and weight gain can result in a more rounded facial shape.

If you’re seeking refined facial contours, here are some excellent tips for slimming and refining the cheeks.
Five tips on how to lose cheek fat

  1. Lose weight and tone up

    While we can’t go for a run and ask our body to target the cheeks specifically, an increase in aerobic exercise can help lose weight and tone up the entire body (including the cheeks). Experts recommend 150-300 minutes of cardio a week.
  2. Facial exercises

    Research on this topic is limited; however, some anecdotal studies show facial exercises can help tone and slim your cheeks. Typical activities include moving air in your cheeks from side to side and clenching your cheeks while holding a smile.
  3. Drink more water

    Not only is water crucial for overall health, but it can assist with weight loss, increase your metabolism and reduce fluid retention. Aim for eight glasses a day to prevent unnecessary bloating and swelling in the face.
  4. Reduce sodium intake

    Excess sodium consumption causes fluid retention in the body, making you (and your cheeks) feel bloated and puffier.
  5. Consider cosmetic surgery

    If you have already reached your ideal weight and can’t seem to budge the chubby cheeks, consider surgery like buccal fat removal. This long-lasting and straightforward procedure can help remove excess fat stores in the cheeks to create a more contoured appearance.

Investing in a more confident you
The face is our most defining feature, so it can be frustrating when you aren’t happy with your appearance. While there is nothing wrong with fuller cheeks, there are several solutions out there for those looking to slim down their face and achieve more defined facial contours.

If you’re unhappy with your cheeks or facial structure, book a consultation with Dr. Sedgh to understand your options and invest in your confidence today.

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