A lip lift is a new type of lip enhancement procedure that provides more permanent and pleasing results compared to lip injections.

The popularity of lip lifts has grown significantly as younger patients discover the effectiveness of this procedure. While it was mostly used to help slow down common signs of aging such as down-turned upper lips, thin lips, and smoker’s lines, you can now have the procedure to give you fuller, more balanced lips and enhanced “red show.”


Compare These Lip Lift Before and After Photos

The best way to see the results of a lip lift procedure is to look at this gallery of lip lift before and after photos. As you can see, the upper lip is raised to reveal more of the pink underlip. The upper lip also becomes fuller and larger in appearance.

Lip lift surgery especially helps with those who have thin lips, or those who have an upper lip that is not balanced with the lower lip.

A lip lift is an outpatient procedure done under local anesthesia. It may be done together with facelift surgery, which allows for enhanced results.

The best lip lift surgeons, such as Dr. Sedgh, have developed modified procedures that help to hide the incisions, give a more nuanced shape of the lips, and a more obvious lip boost.

To learn more about how a lip lift can help you realize fuller and more desirable lips, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sedgh now.