Rhinoplasty is becoming increasingly more popular for African American men and women who wish to change their noses’ aesthetic or improve functionality.While rhinoplasty is a standard procedure across all ethnicities, the African-American profile brings a range of distinct characteristics that must be accounted for during the surgery. While these will vary based on the individual’s subcultural background, common threads in African-American nasal profiles include a smaller and lower nasal bridge, wider base, and larger nostril size. It is also common for African Americans to have less robust cartilaginous support of the nose and wider nasal bones compared to typical caucasian or Asian nose structure.

African American rhinoplasty can serve a range of purposes, including correction from injury, improving breathing, and changing the shape and size of the nose. Many patients seeking an aesthetic change will request an increase in height and improved projection, refining of the tip, change of angle between the nose and upper lip, narrowed base, and decrease in nostril size. Of course, all of these are unique to the individual, and one person’s needs may be completely different from your own.

Compare African American Rhinoplasty Before and After Images

The nuances of the African American profile require the skills of a highly experienced surgeon. The following African American rhinoplasty before and after images showcase the work of Dr. Jacob Sedgh, a renowned board surgeon certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. His extensive experience working with patients of different ethnicities means he can create visibly different yet natural-looking results that do not erase your racial identity and heritage.

If you seek an expert in rhinoplasty that respects and understands the importance of your cultural identity, then look no further than Dr. Sedgh. Book your consultation to discuss your rhinoplasty options today.