While some males may shy away at the thought of a nose job, rhinoplasty is becoming incredibly popular among men who are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance or functionality of their nose. No longer reserved for females or men simply needing to fix a broken nose, male rhinoplasty is a great way to permanently fix issues such as a bulbous tip, large dorsal hump, overly large or small nose, crooked nose, disproportioned nostrils, breathing difficulties, and more.What many people don’t realize is that a male nose has distinct masculine characteristics that help shape facial harmony. These unique differences make male rhinoplasty a complex procedure that requires a strong level of anatomical understanding and aesthetic finesse from the surgeon, as they work to maintain balance and the masculine nature of the nose and face.

Compare Male Rhinoplasty Before and After Images

The following male rhinoplasty before and after images are examples of Dr. Jacob Sedgh’s expert craftsmanship and strict attention to detail. Dr. Sedgh works with his patients to understand precisely what they wish to change before analyzing their anatomy and facial symmetry to plan a rhinoplasty surgery that best meets their unique needs.

At Sedgh Plastic Surgery, we work to build patient trust and confidence via a thorough consultation process that includes 3D modeling so that you can get the best idea of the final reault. If you’re seeking rhinoplasty that will enhance your masculinity and leave you with a nose that naturally compliments your face, book a consultation with Dr. Sedgh today.